Is It Possible That Your Husband Could Be Making You Sick?

Is It Possible That Your Husband Could Be Making You Sick?

Did you know you can be allergic to your man's semen?

Do you often get sick at home? Or did you notice that since you got married, your health seems to be on a decline? There are a lot of things that could probably cause it, but have you ever thought that it could be your husband making you sick?

You’ll be surprised to find out that it’s not as crazy-sounding as you might think! Here are seven ways your husband can make you sick:

Is Your Husband Making You Sick?

husband making you sick

Constant fights and arguments might contribute to your husband making you sick!

1. Your Husband Can Break Your Heart (Literally!)

Did you know that having a “broken heart” isn’t just a metaphor? It’s actually possible for a person to have problems whenever they’re sad or unhappy.

This is especially true in a marriage that has a lot of problems. Studies have found that women who are in unhappy marriages are at a higher risk of heart disease compared to those in happy marriages.

It also affects women more than men since women tend to have a habit of bottling up their feelings. So make sure to talk to your husband if you have anything on your mind. 

2. Snoring Can Be a Big Problem

Is It Possible That Your Husband Could Be Making You Sick?

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Does your husband snore loudly? If so, then it might actually be causing you to get sick!

Husbands who snore loudly tend to cause problems for their wives since their wives have a hard time getting to sleep. Snoring can cause other people to wake up from deep sleep, which is crucial in the body’s recovery process.

Additionally, loud snorers can also cause hearing problems for their spouses over time. 

So if your husband snores loudly, try and visit a doctor to see what you can do about it. In the meantime, try investing in some good quality earplugs!

3. You Could Be Allergic to Sex!

Yup, you read that right. There are people who are actually physically allergic to sex!

These people have what’s called a seminal protein allergy, which causes burning and pain whenever they’re exposed to semen. And burning and pain don’t exactly sound like fun things to experience during sex.

Thankfully, there are available treatments for this condition. Just make sure to talk to your doctor about it.

4. Arguing and Stress Can Slow Down Healing

Is It Possible That Your Husband Could Be Making You Sick?

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Do you often argue with your spouse? Are you always stressed out because of disagreements? Chances are, it might be causing your body to heal slower.

That’s because people who argue or fight often have a lower amount of the hormone oxytocin in their bodies. Oxytocin helps by protecting your body and it helps you heal faster. It’s also called the “love hormone.”

5. Beards Can Cause Skin Disease

Your husband’s beard might look sexy, but did you know that it could potentially cause you to have a skin disease?

That’s because bacteria can sometimes get trapped in a beard, especially if your husband touches his beard with dirty hands. The bacteria can then get transferred to you if you kiss him or get close to his face.

Make sure that your husband shaves regularly. If he wants a beard, he needs to keep it clean and wash his face regularly.

6. He’s the Reason You Drink More Often

Is It Possible That Your Husband Could Be Making You Sick?

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According to the American Sociological Association, wives’ drinking patterns are most influenced by their husband’s. This in turn can contribute to your husband making you sick!

Married men usually don’t drink as much as single men do, but wives tend to have a habit of trying to keep up with their spouses. And of course, too much alcohol can cause a lot of health problems later on in life.

So if your husband tends to drink a lot, you might want to talk about cutting back on the booze as a couple.

7. Your Husband Might Be Making You Fat

Yup, you can actually blame your husband for weight gain!

According to a study from Southern Methodist University, married people in happy marriages tend to gain more weight over time.

That’s because when you’re still single, you’re trying to look good to find a partner. However, when you’re already married, you tend to have a habit of letting yourself go.

Why not try and get back to your youthful figure by encouraging your husband to exercise with you? It’ll make both of you healthy, and it’s a great bonding activity!


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