5 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day

5 Ways to celebrate Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day in five sweet ways without breaking the bank.

What do you give someone who’s so used to giving? Chances are your mother has done most of the giving in your lifetime, so it can be tricky to give her something memorable and fresh to celebrate Mother’s Day every year. To save you the trouble of thinking up heartwarming ideas to celebrate this occasion, here are a few classic surprises that will never go out of style.

1. Go the DIY route

It’s easy to purchase a gift to give to your mother. A better gift would be to craft something your mom will appreciate. For dads, you can even involve the kids in getting creative. The effort behind it will make her smile extra wide once you present it to her. Of course, it would be better if the gift you give has practical use. All those advice she’s given over the years? Print them on a towel or on a personalized mug. Or turn your photos into home decor. Whatever it is, the thought and effort you give into that DIY present make it a truly priceless gift. Check out more on Photobook

celebrate Mother's Day

2. Get her moving

Going on an exercise together will release all those endorphins. Health is wealth, so encouraging her to be active is a good a gift as any because it is intended for her well-being. Exercise will also lift her mood and get her energized for the rest of her special day. It doesn’t have to be physically daunting. You’d have to tailor the workout to her physical capabilities so as not to strain her. Of course, this means that she’ll work up an appetite, so make sure you have a special meal prepared that you can both enjoy post-workout.

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3. Breakfast with blooms

If the early morning workout gave her the hunger pangs, an extra special breakfast should be waiting for her. Serve her breakfast of choice on a table with the lovely blooms from an online florist to complete a lovely and elegant set up for her first meal of the day. Mornings can spell the tone of the entire day, thus getting her in a good mood early will help make the smile last on her face. You can even read interesting or good news from the morning paper so you can have a pleasant conversation over breakfast.

celebrate Mother's Day

4. Surprise her a day early

What’s more surprising than being greeted a day early? Apart from surprising her, this has practical value as well. As more and more people are dining out to celebrate Mother’s Day, it can be hard to get a reservation on her favorite restaurant or pamper her with a salon and spa day when there are many people fighting for the same spot. To avoid the risk of getting her stressed out from waiting, especially if you didn’t plan ahead, pamper her a day early when places are not as crowded.

5. Stage a reunion

Let’s face it, mothers just want to see the family together and spend some quality time. If the children are already grown and out of the house or if they already have a family of their own, the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to get everyone together. Okay, this takes a bit more effort to plan, especially for a large family. However, a mother is worth all that trouble and more. She went to a lot of trouble raising you, after all.

celebrate Mother's Day


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