Watch: This mother shares how to prevent an asthma attack

Watch: This mother shares how to prevent an asthma attack

This video footage could be a life-saving tool for your little one.

In a video footage, young Jake can be seen experiencing a sudden asthma attack in hospital. His mum, Alice Burns, shared her video online in an attempt to help other mums recognise the signs of a common or severe asthma attack.

He was rushed to high dependency and the intensive care crash team were called. According to Alice, he is currently in stable condition and is doing great so far.

In the Facebook post she said:

“I've never seen video footage of an attack but it could be a life-saving tool. Our story is scary but if it could help just one person recognise the common and not so common signs of a severe asthma attack sooner, then it’s definitely worth sharing.

“Jake had recently recovered well after a severe asthma attack, when he experienced symptoms that got worse extremely quickly.

"I videoed our experience in hospital to show that an attack can literally come out of nowhere. 11 seconds is all I could hold my phone for until I broke down in tears."


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Jasmine Yeo

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