WATCH: Mum gets fit using adorable twins as dumbbells

WATCH: Mum gets fit using adorable twins as dumbbells

Here's one exercise routine you probably haven't tried before!

Losing the baby weight can be, for most mums, daunting and downright boring.

But who says you can't get creative about it? If you're looking to liven up your daily exercise routine, take your cue from this Australian mum of two.

There's a catch, though: You need to have given birth to twins.

Anna Strode, 31, has committed to doing 20-minute workouts each day with her favourite dumbbells: her 8-month-old twin boys.


A day of doctors appointments, upset bubbas and a tired mumma calls for one thing - get outside for a play and a mini workout! Full body workout: 10 x Squats and lifts (5 each twin ????) 20 x Mountain Climbers 20 x X Jumps 20 x Commandos We got through this three times but it involved moving Lachie and Samual about 1000 times - I squat and lift each time I put them back in place, they love it and it's good for me! #fitspo #fitfam #fitmom #fitmum #twinmom #twinmum #strongmum #fitnessblogger #mummyblogger #bbgmoms #bbgmums #postpartum #mumlife #momlife #workout #workoutvideo #mumbod @igfitmoms @fit_moms_of_ig @fithealthyworkouts @fitmomsinspire @thehomeworkouts @home.exercises #fitmomsofig #hometraining #fitmomsinspire #igfitmoms #igfittest

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But, she admits getting back her energy was a struggle. 

She recounts to the Daily Mail how her doctor had warned her that she was at risk for postpartum depression. So, to fight it, she made sure exercise became a priority in her life: “My 20-minute workouts each day are my 'me' time,” she shared. “Fitness has made me such a happy, healthy, and energised mum.”

And she has also influenced her husband to join her on her journey to live a healthier lifestyle while having fun!

Prior to being a mum of twins, Anna was working as a marketing manager but her newfound love for fitness has led her to a new passion: personal training.

And she's chosen to use social media as an avenue to share what she's learning to her 24,200 followers.

Her adorable photos and videos rack up hundreds of likes and comments.

Like this one, which shows her twin boys aren't only her exercise partners but her cheerleaders, too!

By the looks of her progress, it looks like Anna's onto something! 

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