Buying a Washing Machine?

Buying a Washing Machine?

Are you all wrung out about which washing machine to choose? Well here is a comprehensive guide!

Are you going to Buy washing machine in Singapore? Read the Guide Here!

Buy washing machine in Singapore

Buy washing machine in Singapore

Are you all wrung out about which washing machine to buy in Singapore?

Well, we understand your predicament so we scouted around and spoke to loads of washing machines sales guys to bring you a comprehensive guide with all the necessary information that you ever wanted to know about buying a washing machine in Singapore.

Washer Dryer or Washing Machine?

Washer dryers are very useful if you are short of space in the kitchen, however there are a number of drawbacks. Washer dryers are not suitable for large families who want to use it to do all of the drying. This is because the dryer part usually has a reduced load size so you would need to remove some washing before you can dry it. This means that the time to complete a full size wash and dry could be up to 5 hours. Washer-dryers are also more expensive than buying a washer and dryer separate. Another drawback is if one of the device konks out, then you are left without either.

Our recommendation is that you should only buy a washer dryer if you are a 1 person household or you use the dryer as a back up to a clothes line.

What Brand of Washing Machine?

According to a poll on our website, the most popular brands amongst our readers are Miele, Samsung and LG.

Where are Washing Machines Manufactured?

Surprisingly most Japanese and Korean washing machines are actually manufactured in Thailand. On the other hand, the European brands are still mostly manufactured in Europe. To double check, do ensure that your European branded machine comes with a three ticks sticker, which guarantees the manufacturing is done in Europe.

How Big Should the Load be?

The average load size is fast becoming 7-8kg as there seems to be less and less 5-6kg machines on the market. There are machines on the market that can take up to 11kg, but there are things to consider with the large load machines. But whatever size drum you choose it pays not to overload the machine. A 7-8 kg washer can take a queen size comforter, but for a kings size, stick to a 9-10 kg washer.

Top load vs front loading

buy washing machine in singaporeA top-load washing machine is usually cheaper, but also less water-efficient. Top loaders are also faster than front loaders, with the average wash cycle around 30-40 mins. However they are much LESS gentle than front-loaders.

A front-load washing machine has many pros, mostly it is gentle on clothes, water efficient, quieter, can handle larger loads and has the advantage of being able to accommodate a dryer on top or providing some flat work surface.

Cons include having to bend over a bit to attend the load, more expensive at time of purchase, more electricity used as it takes a longer washing time and comes in limited color and design options. Most models are available in white or almond.

What is the Average Life Span?

Most people we spoke to kept their washing machine for about 6-8 years before changing. Some lucky ones had their machine for over 15 years, with no signs of break-down. That said, our honest opinion is to not bother with the extended warranty as most washers and dryers won’t break during that time, and for those that do, repairs cost roughly the same as the extended warranty.

Where to Buy?

After a look around, we’ve determined that the following places offer the most competitive pricings for washing machines and dryers.


Gain City


Harvey Norman


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