Happy and Fast Labour

Happy and Fast Labour

Vivien Lim shares her labour story with us!


Come to think of it, I'm really fortunate as both my labours were fast and smooth. Especially my second one, it was done in half an hour after I've been pushed to the labour ward!

It was Chinese New Year eve where everyone is waiting for the countdown. While we are enjoying playing cards with my family, my contractions started at about 11.40pm and I had a strong feeling that my boy is coming to meet us on the first day of Chinese New Year + Valentines Day. I quickly went to take a shower and washed my hair. When  I came out of my bathroom and realized the contractions were pretty fast so I told my husband that we have to go to the hospital.

When the clock just strike 12 mid night while everyone is celebrating Chinese New Year. We are rushing to the hospital. We reached the hospital about 12.15am. While my husband went to park his car, I walked towards the registration counter at Thomson Hospital telling them my baby is on his way and I walked straight up to level two. I told the nurse that I'm in pain and couldn't walk anymore. I was asked to lie down and they started to check on me, oh mind I was 4cm dilated and I quickly requested for an epidural.

After all the checks, they told me that  they have informed my gynae and they pushed me to the labour ward. It was about 12.35am then. When I reached the labour ward, the pain was unacceptable and I knew that I'm physically weak as I don't even have the strength to hold the pen to sign on the consent form. Next, I heard the nurse said that I'm 8cm dilated and contractions are too regular so it's not possible for an epidural. My pain continues and I heard my gynae called my name and told me that I will be fine .. My husband was holding my hands tight and I heard everyone is talking & asking me to push..

Next moment, I couldn't even open my eyes and I was on oxygen.. They were asking me question and I cannot even have the strength to answer. I felt a light slap on my face and I woke up again.. I continued to push, everyone was like saying "1 ... 2...3... Push!" I screamed and.... the crying baby ... I was totally relieved .. A kissed from my husband, they carried my baby over and my tears drop.. I did it! I did it without epidural for my 3.985kg baby. It was 1.02am in the morning and my whole labour process only took me half and hour..

I am really blessed and glad that I had a fast and smooth delivery and of course my healthy Chinese New Year & Valentine's baby ..

theAsianparent.com is grateful as Vivien Lim shares her labour story with us!

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