Incredible! Visually impaired Singapore girl memorises order of deck of cards!

Incredible! Visually impaired Singapore girl memorises order of deck of cards!

This video of Grace Ng, a visually impaired Singapore girl at World Memory Championships, will stun you! Watch it!!!

18-year-old Grace Ng has a severe visual handicap; she was diagnosed with optic nerve atrophy when she was just two. But this visually impaired Singapore girl doesn't let this stop her from anything. And she recently represented Singapore at the recent World Memory Championships. 

Optic nerve atrophy involves damage to the optic nerve, that can adversely affect central vision, peripheral vision and colour vision.

As for Grace, to see the time on the screen she has to hold her phone about 5cm from her face.  According to The Straits Times, she also reads more slowly than her peers.

The handicap however hasn't stopped this stong-willed Singapore Accountancy Academy student from achieving her goals.

Watch this video, which will put most of us with 'normal vision' to shame. It shows Grace memorising the order of a deck of cards.

We recommend that you watch it patiently till the end. Amazing stuff, this!

Source: The Straits Times

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