First-time dad Vincent Ng and wife welcome their little bundle of joy

First-time dad Vincent Ng and wife welcome their little bundle of joy

Hello, little one!

Former actor Vincent Ng and his 39-year-old wife have welcomed their first bundle of joy at Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

Well hello, little one! 

Vincent Ng and the Moment His Baby Was Born 

vincent ng

The couple’s son weighed about 3kg at Mount Elizabeth hospital. | Source: screengrab from Yahoo News

Vincent Ng spoke to the local Chinese newspaper ShinMin Daily News and said that the act of cutting his son’s umbilical cord moved him, and caused him to tear up. 

He empathises with women for the amazing process of pregnancy and giving birth, and says “giving birth must be tough on women.”

vincent ng

“It’s not easy for a woman to carry and give birth to a baby,” said Vincent Ng. | Source: screengrab from Zaobao

Ng has previously attended infant care classes together with his wife. But, he was still caught off-guard when his son peed on him during a diaper change! 

“Both fatherhood and martial arts are things that require practice,” added the new dad. 

Loved and Blessed

“Now, my family is the most important part of my life,” Ng said. “I’m very grateful.”

He shared an intimate photo of him kissing his wife’s pregnant belly as seen on his Instagram, below.

Even Sora Ma, a Singapore-based Malaysian actress joined in to celebrate the happy occasion with the couple. Having posted a photo of her and the baby, she congratulates them and calls the little one “Little Bumblebee”.

Future Plans for the First-Time Dad

Ng – a martial arts expert –  is busy with preparations for the opening of a new 6,000sqm martial arts school in October. It is where he will be holding physical fitness courses with local singer Alfred Sim, who is an athletics coach as well.

vincent ng

Vincent Ng and students from his martial arts school, Wufang. | Source: screengrab from STOMP

“I hope to serve the nation by promoting martial arts in Singapore,” he said.

But it doesn’t mean that Ng loses focus on his family — he definitely has plans for a second baby. “I hope that I can work well and be a good father at the same time,” he added.

Furthermore, in a previous report by Stomp, the martial arts champion also said that a baby girl will be a bonus, and “the more children, the merrier”.

We at theAsianparent send our warmest wishes to the new parents! We can’t wait to see more adorable posts about your “little Bumblebee”! 

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Jia Ling

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