3-Year-Old Japanese Enjoys Playing Grand Theft Auto, Dad Claims It's A Great Game For Kids

3-Year-Old Japanese Enjoys Playing Grand Theft Auto, Dad Claims It's A Great Game For Kids

His friend was surprised at what game he said his 3-year-old was playing.

There are video games nowadays with more adult themes that you might think would not be one of the best video games for kids, especially 3 year olds. But what if a supposedly adult-oriented game could actually provide good innocent fun for both you and your child?

One popular game, in particular, a father from Japan has found to be a great game for him and his 3-year-old daughter to enjoy and that would be Grand Theft Auto. 

A Violent Game Turned "Educational Tool"

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The GTA series is known to be filled with criminal activities including murder, theft and other vices such as prostitution as well as illegal drugs. Which is why Japanese Twitter user @sakai0129 was so surprised when a friend mentioned just how much his 3-year-old daughter loved playing the game.  

In sakai0129's viral tweet that reached over 20k likes, the Twitter user shared the unusual parenting tactic and wrote, “When my friend told me, ‘My three-year-old daughter has been playing Grand Theft Auto’ I thought he was crazy. But then he explained, ‘She never steals cars, and waits at intersections for the light to turn green, just like you’re supposed to in real life. She takes the helicopters for peaceful sightseeing flights and rides the trains.’"

The Twitter user went on to explain that, "He says it’s a good educational tool, but also that ‘It’s incredibly hard to play the game without doing bad things.’”

Within the detailed and lifelike world of GTA, his daughter basically just uses the game to live the virtual life of a regular citizen without partaking in any violence or crime. Since the violent features of the game such as sudden murder or stealing are all optional while playing the game, anyone can choose to explore its world instead by simply driving around and enjoying the views created by the developers. 

Parent Supervision Still Encouraged

3-Year-Old Japanese Enjoys Playing Grand Theft Auto, Dad Claims It's A Great Game For Kids

Several comments under the tweet mentioned that the game doesn't have "the nicest group of NPCs" as bumping into another random civilian could trigger them to hit you back or even start shooting at you. 

That is why sakai0129's friend made sure his daughter wouldn't run into any bad deeds by using cheat codes that trigger down the NPC aggression so that none of the pedestrians would want to harm her daughter's character within the game. This also implies that the father does monitor his daughter whenever she plays to make sure she doesn't walk into any violent heists or strip clubs in the game. 

So while GTA could be one of the best video games for 3 year olds to learn about being a proper civilian in the city and for them to enjoy with parents, it would still be advised that parent supervision is still in check.  


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