Vesak Day Baby

Vesak Day Baby

Nor Liana shares her labour story with

4th pregnancy was planned by me and my hubby. In this pregnancy, it was just like my other pregnancy, except that there was no morning sickness until my 5th month. I remember 2 weeks before I gave birth, I always got this cramp. Sometimes, the pain is unbearable. When I went to see the doctor the pain is gone. So I tried to bear with it until the day I want to give birth.

I remember it was on Vesak day at 4am. We (my hubby n kids) reached the KKH, sat outside for a while as I was scared that it was just an alarm. When I felt the baby moving and I got the cramp again. So I and my hubby went to the delivery suite. The nurses asked for our document and she took me to a room where they did a check up and monitored the baby's heartbeat. When they checked, they said its time so they brought me to the delivery suite and monitored it again.

I was in pain but I was still smiling because I don't want my hubby to worry. When we reached the suite, they told me to change. I went to the toilet suddenly I felt like passing motion. That was time I can feel something is there. I just pretend nothing happened and got on the bed. So this midwife - she was pregnant too,I tell my hubby I afraid I accidentally kick her later so I try to focus on one side.

She called the doctor. They checked on me saying I haven't open yet. Must wait. So he left the room while the midwife was getting the things ready.

Suddenly I felt the contraction the nurse was in a panic and told me not to push - must wait for the doc. Further more the equipment not ready yet. She knows I can't wait, so she passed me the gas. I screamed out saying its coming, then a doctor came in and checked again. The nurse said there's no heart beat and told me not to push.  I still pushed as I can't wait in case anything happened to my baby. In a few minute the head was out but I was too tired to push. That was when my hubby say please 1 last push. So I pushed with all my might and the doc helped me by holding on my legs. At last the baby is out,exactly at 8am. My hubby was so happy, he quickly took a photograph of the baby.

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