Getting candid about vaginal itching in pregnancy

Getting candid about vaginal itching in pregnancy

Vaginal itchiness happens usually due to fungus in the vagina. For no apparent reason, pregnancy increases the chance of getting a vaginal fungal infection (candida).

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During pregnancy, your body goes through several expected (and a few quite-not-so-expected) changes. While you might expect swollen feet and a sore back, vaginal itchiness during pregnancy is one of the not-so-fun changes you might not have been prepared for.

In fact, this uncomfortable itch down under, uncomfortable and embarrassing as it might be, it is actually quite common in expecting mummies for a number of reasons.

Vaginal itching could be caused by many reasons during pregnancy, but it is usually because of too much yeast in your vagina - which could mean you have a Candida infection.

Symptoms of Candida infection

Itchiness around the vagina

White paste like discharge

Treatment of Candida infection

- Vaginal Pessaries like canesten, gynotravogen and gynotosyd. Some of them can be purchased over the counter. Ask your doctor to recommend one for you

- Anti-fungal cream. This is especially useful in the treatment of itchiness around the outer vagina (vulva)

- Oral anti-fungal treament. This is usally prescribed to women who have repeated episodes of vaginal fungal infection.

Prevention of Candida infection

Before you rush to over the counter or home remedies, make sure that your affliction is not because of an STD. Any sexually transmitted diseases will have to be treated by your doctor, generally through a course of antibiotics. If the itchiness is found to be because of nothing more than a pH or hormonal changes, there are a number of self-help treatments you can try to bring relief.


- Shower regularly

- Stay clear from scented soaps, panty liners, detergent and fabric softeners

-Wear cotton underwear that is not too tight or restrictive

- Avoid using pads unless absolutely necessary

- Avoid antibiotics

- Reduce dietary sugar intake

- Do not use any bubble baths or gels that can further irritate your urinary tract

- Make sure that the area is dry after your bath, and do not wear damp garments.

- Wipe from front to back after a visit to the bathroom
There is a silver lining to your discomfort. Vaginal itchiness can be easily treated once you made a proper diagnosis. If the symptoms do not clear up, consult your doctor for further treatment, and do not try to self-soothe.


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Sandra Ong

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