How your vagina is bleaching your underwear without you realising it

How your vagina is bleaching your underwear without you realising it

Have you ever wondered why your favourite pair of black underwear is stained or bleached? It's not your washing machine, but your vaginal discharge that's to blame.

Mums, if you have ever owned a pair of black underwear, then you can most likely relate to finding the crotch area mysteriously bleached after prolonged use. The suspects of this problem are many, but could the culprit be your vaginal discharge?

Many women have wondered, what causes these pesky underwear stains?

You might think that your underwear has simply weathered over time, or that your monthly period or your choice of detergent is to blame for the discolouration. But these stains are actually caused by coming into contact with vaginal discharge.

Don’t schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist just yet. It is actually not a cause for worry, as normal acidic discharge can act as a bleach. It is not because of some PH imbalance or gynaecological condition.

This type of bodily fluid usually comes out before our periods or during ovulation.

Not much can be done to prevent this type of bleaching, but there are measures you can take to make sure your discharge stays healthy.

  • Wear cotton underwear to promote circulation.
  • Avoid heavily perfumed soap or feminine wash.
  • Wash only around the vagina (or vulva), not inside it.
  • Avoid using pantyliners daily, as they can increase the chances of getting a yeast infection. .

Four interesting functions of vaginal discharge

vaginal discharge

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1. It serves as the body’s natural cleansing agent

A woman’s vagina has the power to self-clean (not to mention, self-heal after childbirth!). By secreting discharge containing bacteria and dead cells, the vagina keeps itself in tip-top shape.

2. It can signal what’s going on inside your body

Noting the colour, consistency, and odour of your discharge can help give you a clearer picture of what’s going on in your reproductive system.

For instance, smelly or frothy discharge can indicate a sexually transmitted infection. Grey and fishy-smelling discharge could be indicative of bacterial vaginosis.

3. It can help you make better health choices

If you notice yellow-tinged discharge, then it could mean you should drink more water.

Aside from signalling dehydration, your vaginal odour could also influenced by your diet. Basically, food that gives you bad breath, like onions, peppers, and garlic, could also translate to how your vagina smells.

4. It can help you get pregnant

The quality of your discharge varies depending on when you’re most fertile. Egg white cervical mucus usually means you are ovulating. This is especially helpful for couples looking to conceive. 

You might think that vaginal discharge is gross and unnecessary, but it actually serves an important purpose!

Well, maybe not helping you save on black underwear.

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