Disney is releasing its first ever series starring an all Indian cast

Disney is releasing its first ever series starring an all Indian cast

We're super excited for this show to come out!

It looks like upcoming Disney shows are embracing diversity and Asian races. We’ve seen decades of white princesses with the same cookie cutter faces. But with additions like Mulan, Pocahontas (and more recently) Moana and Tiana, we’re starting to see more diversity. 

Beyond the main princesses, Disney is also embracing this diversity in its TV shows. The media giant announced that a new Disney Junior TV series called Mira, Royal Detective will star an Indian female lead and an all-Indian cast. Here, young courageous girl called Mira works as a royal detective. The TV series is set to premiere in 2020.

Aimed at preschoolers, this series is inspired by the culture and customs of India.  For that reason, it provides a refreshing change from white-washed TV series and films. Whitewashing is the casting of white actors for historically non-white roles.

Upcoming Disney shows: Mira, Royal Detective features Indian cast and culture

upcoming disney shows

Upcoming Disney shows: Mira, the Detective starring an all-Indian cast.

Mira, Royal Detective is a great way for your kids to learn about diversity and another country. 15-year old Indian newcomer Leela Ladnier is the voice of Mira. The supporting cast, also of Indian heritage, include Frieda Pinto, Kamran Lucas, Roshni Edwards, Kal Penn and Hannah Simone. 

“We are eager to introduce kids and their families to the rich, diverse cultures and customs of India. Mira looks at things with her own unique lens to gain different perspectives and help others in her community,” says Joe D’Ambrosia, senior vice president of original programming at Disney Junior.

“We hope that she encourages our audience to actively engage with the inspiring world around them. And that they start to appreciate the little details that make life extraordinary,” he adds.

A female Sherlock Homes

In this series, Mira solves a mystery that saves the kingdom’s young prince. She is appointed royal detective and travels the magical land of Jalpur  to solve mysteries. 

Her friend Prince Neel, a talented inventor accompanies her. Two comical mongoose sidekicks Mikku and Chikku and her creative cousin Priya also help her. Mira’s adventures highlight critical thinking and encourage deductive reasoning.

Each episode also weaves authentic music, dance and customs in to two 11-minute stories. This adventure series will air on Disney Junior channels in 2020.

Before you turn on the TV

Upcoming Disney Shows

Upcoming Disney shows to look out for means more TV time for the kids! | Image Source: Pixabay

Parents want their kids to learn a thing or two while watching TV. But not all TV shows are educational or even, suitable for kids.

For tips on how to choose the best shows for your kids,  read how to choose the best preschool TV shows and 8 TV shows your pre-schooler should be watching.  

Here are some additional guidelines to remember when you turn on the tv:

  • Limit on-screen entertainment time. Experts recommend children under age 2 should avoid TV altogether. Older children should be limited to one-two hours of TV a day.
  • Keep the TV in the family area where it is easier to monitor.
  • Discuss what they see. If your kids are old enough, discuss ways smoking, food, violence and sex on TV and explain your own values.
  • Set a good example by limiting the type of shows and TV that you watch.

Source: USA Today

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