12 unusual problems faced by parents

12 unusual problems faced by parents

Everybody faces daily problems, but only parents encounter the kind of problems listed here!

1. The absolute pain of stepping on a block of Lego

2. Projectile vomit. Enough said.

3. Experiencing the joy (not) of newborn poo

4. Dealing with the lack of appreciation of food placed on the table

5. The enforcement of strange rules, such as "please don't lick the dog"

6. Tackling horrendous temper tantrums

7. Coping with sleepless nights (for at least 19 years)

8. Having to listen to the same song/ watch the same movie a million times until you hear/see it in your nightmares dreams

9. Dealing with diva moments

10. Handling smelly soccer socks

11. Having to sit through school concerts, year after year

12. Tackling endless reserves of energy when mummy just wants to sleep already.

GIFs via GIPHY; Featured image from Pinterest.

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