Are you unknowingly hurting your family by using products that are not really safe?

Are you unknowingly hurting your family by using products that are not really safe?

As mums, we go above and beyond to protect the health of our loved ones, especially our children. So when it comes to fighting germs, the stronger the better, right? Keep reading to find out why it isn’t always so and why less, even zero, is more.

As mums, we go above and beyond to protect the health of our loved ones, especially our children. We all know that in kids, a common cause of illness is infections caused by germs.

So we buy what we think are the best cleaning products for our home -- sweet-smelling detergents and fabric conditioners for our laundry, and dishwashing liquids that boast of powerful, dirt- and germ-busting formulas.

It is true that many of these cleaners do a good job at ridding our homes of germs. But at the same time, a lot of them contain harsh chemicals that may hurt your family's health, specifically their skin.

When you use that highly perfumed laundry detergent and conditioner to wash your kids' clothes, the perfume that is used to fragrance it could very well worsen existing skin conditions in your child such as eczema, or cause other irritating rashes.

And that strong dishwash that promises to cut through grease and vanquish germs might do exactly that, but also leaves you with dry, itchy, peeling hands.

So what's your alternative? To select detergents that do not contain these harmful ingredients. And before we tell you exactly where you can find these, have a read of what other Singaporean mums think about commonly used home cleaning detergents as well as their thoughts on a safe and gentle alternative.


Singaporean mums say 'no' to harsh chemicals

In May 2016, over 65 mums in Singapore were surveyed on what they think about household detergents. They were also asked to trial Ecover ZERO detergents, a range of products made without fragrance, colour and harsh chemicals.

The clear majority of these mums (96%) "believe that chemicals in home-cleaning detergents affect their family members' skin sensitivities."

These mums identified the following as the top three negative points about such detergents: skin irritation, children exposed to chemical residues and allergic reaction.

In order to avoid exposing their children and other family members to these issues when buying household detergents, mums in the survey actively looked for certification for sensitive skin (67%); natural ingredients (42%); and avoided those that contained harmful chemicals (46%).

But they were still missing out on 'hidden' and highly toxic ingredients as indicated below.


To give you some perspective, brighteners may be toxic to humans and might cause skin sensitivities; 1,4 - dioxane may have carcinogenic properties; fragrance could cause rashes, allergic reactions and other skin irritations; and cleaning agents could also irritate and harm the skin.

Ecover ZERO has none of these four chemicals.

Because of this, 


Head to the next page to read about Ecover's range of safe and gentle household detergents and what mums in Singapore think about them.  

The verdict

The mums in the survey trialed Zero fabric conditioner, Zero laundry liquid and Zero washing up liquidAll of them  said they would not hesitate to recommend the products to family and friends.

The majority (97%) agree that Ecover ZERO is safe and gentle to use for their families and 91% said that these products are suitable for sensitive skin. They were also pleased with how efficiently the products cleaned their homes (88%).

0% fragrance, 0% colour, 0% phosphate

"Why 'zero'?", you might be thinking. It's because these products contain absolutely no fragrance, colour and harsh, skin-irritating chemicals. They have been made specially for people who want a fragrance-free allergy approved product they can trust, that doesn't compromise on cleaning effectiveness.

Ecover ZERO is perfect for the environmentally conscious mum too, using only gentle, plant-based and mineral ingredients, and no phosphates.

In a nutshell, these products are:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Bio-degradable
  • Gentle and safe for the whole family
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin
  • Approved by Allergy UK

The ZERO range of products

Zero Fabric Conditioner

"My family and I love the products. After using it for more than 5 times, my little boy's eczema condition has improved." -- Mummy testimonial 

Leaving your clothes feeling luxuriously soft, clean and smelling fresh, this fragrance-free formula works effectively in cold water.

Its fragrance-free and colouring-free formulation is gentle on sensitive skin and the plant-based and mineral ingredients make ironing a breeze.

Usual Price: $7.55 for 750ml. Enjoy a 20% off with discount code ZERO20! Click here.

Zero Laundry Liquid

"The formula is gentle on my skin and easy to wash off. As a result, even though my skin is in contact with the detergent, it doesn't dry up" -- Mummy testimonial

This brilliant laundry liquid is free of fragrance, colouring, phosphates and optical brighteners, yet is tough on stains on both coloured and white laundry at even at 30°C.

Usual Price: $23.95 for 1.5 litre. Enjoy a 20% off with discount code ZERO20! Click here.

Zero Washing Up Liquid

"I love the dishwashing liquid! It isn't harsh on my skin and doesn't dry up my hands. It cleans up my dishes as effectively as detergents with chemicals. Would love to continue using this product." -- Mummy testimonial

Dishwashing liquids that contain harsh chemicals can be equally harsh on your skin, leaving you with dry, cracked hands.

Not the case with Zero washing up liquid. Its plant-based and mineral ingredients, fragrance-free and colouring-free formulation is gentle on your hands but tough on stains and grease. It is also suitable for septic tanks.

Usual Price: $6.95 for 500ml. Enjoy a 20% off with discount code ZERO20! Click here.

Remember: All products in the Ecover Zero range have no dyes and nasties, yet are tough on stains and grease and are fully biodegradable.

Mums, don't let nasty chemicals hidden in everyday cleaning products harm your loved ones. Like other mums in Singapore, give the Ecover Zero range a try today and take charge of your family's health in all ways.

To find out more about Ecover, please visit

Have you tried any of the products from the Ecover Zero range? If you have, tell us what you think about them in a comment below. 

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