A revolutionary new iron age

A revolutionary new iron age

Singapore – The days of slogging over piles of ironing and worrying about damaging your favorite outfits are over!

No dial, no settings, just perfect

A revolutionary new iron age
Ironing is traditionally a time-consuming and tedious job and there is often risk of damaging delicate fabrics or causing shine to your expensive suit trousers. So imagine one perfect setting for all your clothes, no sorting your laundry pile according to fabric, no changing dials and waiting for the temperature to adjust and 100 percent safe with no fabric shine on all your delicate items. It is time to herald the end of the Iron Age with the Philips PerfectCare GC9245 steam iron!
Renowned fashion stylist, Martin Wong said, “In the fashion industry, dressing models and making clothes look their very best is essential. A good iron that can press apparel perfectly and quickly, without damaging the myriad variety of fabrics we use in our fashion shows is indispensable.
“Beyond work, I want the same efficiency and care for my own clothes at home.  I have used many irons over the years and I believe that the Philips PerfectCare is the most complete iron ever.  It has cut down my ironing time by half, is ridiculously easy to use, and most importantly – leaves me completely worry-free of damaging my favorite clothes,” said Wong.
Revolutionary technology for guaranteed piece of mind
A revolutionary new iron ageThe PerfectCare is the first of its kind to use OptimalTEMP Technology, the perfect combination of temperature and steam that allows you to iron any fabric without having to change temperature settings.
OptimalTEMP works thanks to an innovative Cyclonic Steam Chamber that releases steam at a consistently high pressure, together with a Smart Control Processor that keeps the soleplate at a constant temperature. This means that with the Philips PerfectCare GC9245 steam iron, you can now iron any garment – from silk to linen, from cotton to cashmere – in any order, without having to adjust the settings and with no risk of burn or shine, even when left on your clothes for up to five minutes!
Super fast and easy to use
The Philips PerfectCare GC9245 is so easy to use, you just switch it on, and go! It takes less than two minutes to heat up and as there is no need to sort A revolutionary new iron ageyour clothing by fabric or wait for the temperature to adjust, the PerfectCare helps you iron up to two times faster than other steam generator irons, and four times faster than regular irons. It also has up to six bars of pressurized steam so now you can power through that laundry pile.
Furthermore, the Philips PerfectCare GC9245 is even a cinch to clean with its Easy De-Calc function that simply requires a twist of a dial to remove all scale. So whether ironing is usually your job or that of your parents, spouse or domestic help, you can be assured that laborious ironing is a thing of the past.
Sheryl Law, Marketing Manager at Philips, said, “The Philips PerfectCare iron truly delivers on everything that consumers want out of a steam generator iron.  The range has been a runaway success in every market where it was launched.  In fact, we are now the number 1 selling brand in steam generator irons in Europe[1] and we believe that Singapore consumers will be similarly impressed when they see it for themselves.
“The PerfectCare iron is a true revolution in ironing that sets a new performance benchmark for its category,” said Law.
Tested and proven for fabric care
Optimal Temp technology has been tested independently by three leading fabric and clothing institutes with great results: Woolmark, The International Wool Textile Organization and DWI – one of the world’s leading independent research institutes on textiles.
A revolutionary new iron age“PerfectCare is the first iron in the world to meet the specification requirements for Woolmark-Apparel Care Gold, for use on pure wool fabrics.” – Woolmark
“Philips PerfectCare shows excellent ironing results and no risk of burns; it is so easy to use. It is an amazing breakthrough, an ironing revolution.” – A revolutionary new iron ageThe International Wool Textile Organization
A revolutionary new iron age“The Optimal Temp technology provides perfect ironing from natural fabrics to synthetics, the steam and temperature balance delivers excellent results with no micro shines. Compared to other steam generators, Philips PerfectCare showed the best performance in our labs.” – DWI
A companion for ironing perfection
A revolutionary new iron ageTo make ironing even easier, Philips is also introducing the Easy 8 Ironing Board that has been designed specially for use with steam generators such as the PerfectCare, which features a stable extra-large iron tray.
The Easy 8 Ironing Board has a unique retractable ShoulderWing system that makes shirt ironing a breeze by eliminating the need for frequent rearrangement of the shirt while ironing. You can also hang garments directly on the garment hanger after ironing, while the useful storage basket allows users to store other ironing aids or even personal belongings like mobile phones and remote controls.

So join the ironing revolution with the Philips PerfectCare GC9245 and the Easy 8 Ironing Board!

The Philips PerfectCare GC9245 (RRP: S$699) and Easy 8 Ironing Board (RRP: S$299) are available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and selected authorized dealers from June 2012.

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