7 Universal truths about motherhood, according to a dad

7 Universal truths about motherhood, according to a dad

One dad shares the insightful and relatable nuggets of wisdom he gained from watching his wife blossom into a mom

After five years of trying to have a baby, Stanley Ocampo, 31, and his wife finally found out they were going to be parents.

Though he may be new to fatherhood—his daughter, Samuelle Felicity, who he’s fondly nicknamed ‘Choco’ is just barely a year old—he has gained many insights about fatherhood as well as from watching his wife blossom into an awesome mum.

Here are seven nuggets of wisdom he shared with theAsianparent.

1.Being selfless is second nature to them

Mums automatically put everyone else first. Whether it’s before meals or waiting in line, she makes sure everyone goes before her. Being caring and giving is innate and effortless for them.

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2. Being a mum is messy

Being a mum isn’t all rainbows and smiles; it’s tough, hardcore and it will require you to make sacrifices. But mums are able to face this head-on–with grace. Despite their self-doubt, they press on for the love of their kids.

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3. Their secret weapon? Love

There isn’t a parenting book or a class that can fully prepare a woman to be a mum; it’s something she learns and yet it’s also something innate. Again and again, what inspires her to press on is love.

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4. Her work doesn’t end

At the end of the day, mums rarely enjoy downtime. Though she may go on trips with her friends, her mind is always on her family. The mental attachment is always there. Thus, her work is never done.

5. They relish the moment

Even though they’re always in a rush, they always take time to appreciate each moment, constantly fighting to be free from the regrets of the past or worries about the future.

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6. Though they worry, they know better

Mums are, by nature, worriers. Though mums acknowledge this, they know worrying never helps. They know that what they need to do is to care for and support their kids, allowing them to make mistakes, explore, and learn.


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7. Mums shun the spotlight

Though they do practically everything–often, with limited time and resources–mums will never take credit, seek praise, or demand the glory.

They will keep working, content to be diligent behind the scenes. With quiet strength, they are the heart of the family.

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