Unforgettable moments of natural birth

Unforgettable moments of natural birth

Mythili Narayanan shares her labour story with theAsianParent community.

Unforgettable moments of natural birth

On a fine Monday morning I went to work as usual since all the medical leave has been utilized before my due. I had an indescribable feeling when I got out of my bed. I purged the thoughts and got ready for work. All of a sudden, while I was driving to work, I experienced a mild pain which I assumed to be just a cramp. The swell in my feet being drained out and my feelings in the morning were the signal of delivery.

I reached the school and went straight to my class; 2 Dickens as usual for a Math lesson. When the bell rang for a break, I headed to the restroom and found out that I lost my mucus plug. At the moment I felt increasingly "weird”. I went into the staffroom and consulted one of my colleagues and she pursuaded me to go back before the contraction gets stronger. I tidied up a bit and made sure that my co-workers who were covering me during my maternity leave were clear on everything. I called my husband and told him the news, and as usual he was caught with a supper-duper mission; fixing up medical devices. He offered to send me home but I refused since I was still able to tolerate with the contraction.

On my way back, I called to inform my mum (who was down with fever; transferred by me) about the attempt of my baby to rupture the membrane. Indeed she was not very glad with the news as she was concerned about the dates (Indian astrology).

Back home, I took a head bath as for next 5 days I might not be able to. I forced myself to push thru some food into the gullet for energy though I was not having a good appetite. My husband came home in the evening at about 5 and sent me to see my Ob. Through his examination he found out that I was dilated to 4th stage and they wanted me to check in by 9pm.

We also requested for a delay in giving birth to my son as my mum was alarmed about the date. My Ob said he’ll try his best but still depends on my son. Hubby dropped me back at my mum’s place and went back to pack my stuff, and went to the temple thereafter for a blessing. I didn’t actually pack my bag for my stay in hospital since I still had one more week left for the term. By the time we got checked in, my contractions got stronger, and the midwife started cleaning me up and got me ready for the PUSH.

It was late at night and I was screaming at the top of my voice and the midwife pleaded with me to lower my volume as it was disturbing the other mothers who just gave birth and the babies. To shut me off they gave a jab which claimed to be a sleeping fluid yet were not helpful because I was still awake to suffer the terrible contraction. It made me drowsy and worse still, I didn’t even notice how the delivery suite was. I really wanted to do this as natural as possible and I felt that they shouldn't rush him.

Anyway, I progressed on my own very fast, and finally I dilated to 10th stage and the contractions got really strong. Believe me, it felt as though my son wanted to ram through my pelvis as quick as he could to see the world out there. Hubby was really great through the whole process; might be a little freaked out when things got intense. Yes, I made it through without drugs (Epidural)! which I demanded at the very last moment. I barely could take the pain but hubby and my mum intentionally delayed the appeal.

By the time I started to feel like I couldn't handle it, epidural was too late and I was geared up to push as my ob was all set. My son was born at 3:45 a.m., measuring 2.86 kg, but unfortunately hubby who was so excited about cutting his cord was turned down by my ob, who did it instead.  Our newborn was such a strong little boy and cried like a lost man on a secluded Island. Little Thaavin Visakan made his grand entrance on May 8th and he was so tiny! Of course, during the last three weeks of my pregnancy and delivery he certainly didn't feel so small!

Now I’m a mother of two and my 2nd labour was super fast with just 30mins. This time I dilated to 8th stage when I reached the hospital and midwife had no time for any cleaning. I pulled through without any screaming as I wanted to act a little more mature than my 1st delivery. I must say my little girl Jovina Varrsha was an easy baby during labour and till now.

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Roshni Mahtani

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