10 unexpected ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

10 unexpected ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

These are the ten unexpected ways your life got way cooler after becoming a mum or dad

There's no doubt about it, parents, your lives got immensely awesome after you had kids. There's only so much you can say about the joy of parenthood. From watching your kids blossom, to spreading your love and care — parenthood is simply a miraculous part of life.

There are the obvious parts of being a parent that got better, sure. But, have you ever stopped to think about the unexpected ways your life got awesome after becoming a mummy or daddy?

Check out our list of ways your life unexpectedly changed for the better and let us know if you agree!

1. Shopping got a lot more fun


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Whether it's a trip to the retailers or to the supermarket, shopping got a lot more awesome after you had your kids. They can be a handful at times, but they also supply hours of innocent and hilarious entertainment.

2. No more late nights and hangovers

ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

Now that you;re responsible for another human, you've probably noticed that you don't go out and make irresponsible decisions anymore. As a result...NO MORE HANGOVERS! Goodbye wasted days, expensive club drinks, and terrible headaches. Hello fun and awesome days out on the town with the family!

3. Movies got a lot more interesting


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Movies sure seem a lot more involving and engaging now! The empathy you feel as a parent makes the movie-going experience all the more enjoyable.

4. You can eat kid's cereal without being judged

ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

Finally, you can purchase and devour some delicious sugary cereals without worrying about watchful, judgmental eyes! Now that you have kids you can go to town on a box of Fruity Pebbles. 

5. You challenge yourself mentally

Remember those lessons in school that had you pondering, "When am I ever going to use this?" Well ruminate no longer. You can finally use those long forgotten academic skills to the test and make sure your kid's homework doesn't look this.

6. You get to play with awesome kids' toys again

ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

Kids have way more fun than adults. The good news is that now that you're a parent, you can enjoy some of those awesome kids' toys that make their lives so fun! Bust out the G.I. Joes and Barbies, mums and dads...it's play time.

7. You can enjoy kids' movies without feeling out of place


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Whenever you watch kids ' movies as an adult, you tend to feel out of place. Not anymore! You're exactly where you should be now! Whether it's in the theatre or at home, watching kids' movies just got a lot more acceptable.

8. You appreciate sleep more than ever

ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

If you thought you loved sleep before you were a parent, you were surprised to see just how much more you love it now. Your sleep is well deserved and validated nowadays. Your sleep is way more appreciated now, and you'll never take it for granted again. Being appreciative can be considered awesome too!

9. You get to ride kids' rides

ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

As with many entries on this list, kids' rides are one of those things that have you feeling left out if you're not a parent. Well, now that you have kids, you can enjoy all the awesomest, coolest rides and attractions at amusement parks and fairs! Plus, never again will you be that guy in the line for the newest Disneyland ride...with no kids. 

10. Your refrigerator will never look like this

ways life got awesome after becoming a parent

Long before you had kids, the incentive to go to the grocery store was just not there. Now that you're a responsible, awesome parent you probably have a stocked refrigerator with tons of great snacks and foods at all time. Your college days are behind you parents, your refrigerator, like your life is totally awesome now. 


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