8 Undercover Ways Husbands Express Their Undying Love

8 Undercover Ways Husbands Express Their Undying Love

Check out this list and discover new ways your husband is trying to say "I love you"!

Husbands often get stereotyped as the one in the relationship who isn't as open, and doesn't express thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Your husband may fall under this category. It's not all his fault, wives! So there's no need to feel discouraged. His "manly" nature simply won't allow it.

Surely, he openly says he loves you everyday but did you know he's actually showing his feelings for you in other ways?

Husbands are creatures of action, not of words. Often, their attempts to express love and feelings get overlooked by wives. Well, maybe it's because wives aren't looking in all the right places! Thankfully, this list of 8 undercover ways in which husbands express their love will help you decipher your husband's cryptic love code.

Check out the list and discover new ways your husband is trying to say "I love you":

1. He often asks you to make the decisions

No matter how big or small the decision is, if your husband often asks for you to make choices, it means he values your wants and needs. He could be asking what movie to watch, where to go for your anniversary, or even what his next car should be...but what he's really doing is showing you that you matter to him.

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2. He smiles whenever he's around you

It may sound simple in the grand scheme of things, but a smile means more than you may know. A genuine smile lets you know that he's still just as in love with you as the day he met you. It takes you back to a simpler time when you were still getting to know each other, and it assures you that all of those feelings haven't gone anywhere. He's still just as happy to see you, and you'll always bring a smile to his face.


3. He seeks and acknowledges your advice

If your husband ever asks you for advice on anything, big or small, what he's really doing is telling you that he values your opinion, and he trusts your guidance. Opening up isn't something many men handle well, so appreciate and understand the significance of your husband coming to you for help. If your husband comes to you for advice and listens to what you have to say, it means that he trusts you more than anyone. So, chalk that up as an undercover sign of affection, wives!


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4. He listens and helps you vent

Unlike most husbands, wives typically have no problem expressing feelings and emotions. Sometimes, you just need to get something off your chest and say what's on your mind. If your husband is always more than willing to listen to you vent your qualms, frustrations, and complaints then just know that he's secretly saying, "I love you".


5. He helps you shop

Another stereotype associated with husbands is that they hate shopping. That goes for all kinds: for shoes, for clothes, and even for groceries. That's why if your husband hates shopping, but helps and endures it for you, then he's really trying to express his love for you.

Doing anything that you hate for someone can be considered a sign of love or affection. After all, sacrifice is a huge part of love. If he's willing to knock out a long grocery list, or accompany you as you take your sweet time shopping, then just look him in the eyes and say, "I love you, too".

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6. He's useful around the house

Not many husbands roll up their sleeves and help their wives complete the household chores. Laundry, doing dishes, cleaning the bathrooms...these are things that many husbands just won't do. If your husband does do these things for or with you, he's trying to show how much he loves you! He's trying to help make your life easier by lessening the burden of household chores. They might be small signs of love, but helping around the house is a sign of love nonetheless.


7. He gives you a piece of himself

If you get the feeling that you've received something that comes from the warmest part of your husband's heart whenever your husband gives you something, then you've discovered a new way for him to say he loves you. It could be a compliment, it could be a fancy gift, if you get the feeling that you were on his mind when he decided to give it to you, he's trying saying that he loves you!


8. He's never shy to hold hands

Sounds like a middle school concept, I know, but if your husband never shies away from holding hands, or even initiates it, it means he's happy to show off your exclusivity. It means he's happy to express his love publicly; it means he's comfortable enough to hold your hand at home or in the middle of the mall. Most of all, it means he loves his wife. He might not be saying aloud, but trust us, he's screaming it through his actions!


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