Unborn baby sends an astounding message to his parents in utero

Unborn baby sends an astounding message to his parents in utero

While they're going through tough times, their unborn baby sends a message through a comforting gesture as if to say it'll all be okay

Have you ever wondered what your unborn child must be thinking or feeling?

With all the advances in ultrasound technology, it looks as if anything is possible. But, once in a while, we are left awestruck.

When, at 20 weeks, expectant mum Nicole Kim went in for a routine ultrasound, she and her husband Tony were only expecting to discover the gender of their baby. But, much to their delight, they were in for something more special

Their two sons, aged three and five were just about to find out they were having a baby brother when something unusual appeared on the screen.

Looking closer at the ultrasound image, they could clearly see their unborn son giving them a thumbs-up sign.

It was as if to say that everything was A-OK. It was quite fitting, too, as Nicole shares they’ve been going through some tough times after her husband lost his job.

“My hubby was laid off four months ago, and we found out we were pregnant with our third baby right after. This photo tells me that, yes, everything is going to be all right,” said Nicole.

unborn baby sends a message

photo: Yahoo parenting

“I thought it was the neatest thing. We just couldn’t stop smiling,” Nicole told the Calgary Herald.

The ultrasound technician was just as delighted and so he zoomed in on to capture the gesture, and printed a copy, which Nicole later shared with her Facebook mum group.

Currently, it’s been making the rounds on social media and is poised to reach viral status. “People are really struggling right now,” added Nicole. “This brings them a little bit of hope.”

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