The ultimate guide to gifts for adults this holiday season

The ultimate guide to gifts for adults this holiday season

It’s gift-giving season, and you need some tips! Read our guide on gifts for adults these holidays.

“The joy of giving is greater than the gift of receiving,” they say, and it’s totally true! You can’t wait to see the delight of your loved ones when they open your special, super thoughtful, touching gift.

…except you’re having a buyer’s block, and the very thought of scurrying around trying to buy gifts for everyone from your mum to your colleague to your sister-in-law’s neighbour…has become, well, a nightmare. Aaahh!!!

Don’t panic! Read our handy guide to find out our top picks and you just might pick up some ideas along the way. Happy shopping!

Everyone loves accessories

Whether you’re looking for dainty pieces for everyday wear, or slightly bolder pieces to make a statement, there is definitely some bling for everyone.

Suitable for: Friends, family, male and female. Jewellery can be a little personal, so if you aren’t too close to the receiver, opt for pieces like bracelets or statement rings rather than necklaces.

Citigem’s new collection “City of Gifts” takes us around the world, drawing inspiration from the cosmopolitan cities to create unique and timeless pieces for your travel-loving, globe-trotting friends and family members.

starry night collection risis

RISIS “Starry Night” Collection

If you’re looking for pieces with a more uniquely Singaporean touch, then RISIS may have the answer for you. The delicate pieces reminiscent of the Neostylis Pinkie orchid are part of the “Starry Night” collection, iconic of the brand which draws inspiration from Singapore’s national flower.

And dads – your lovely lady is probably worth it. Larry Jewellers six-piece collection, The Illuminated Sparkles, is also now out, featuring their signature LAZARE® diamonds.

Watches are also a great gifting option if you have a sense of the receiver’s style. As expected, fashion’s biggest brands, including Emporio Armani, Kate Spade, DKNY and Marc Jacobs have all released new lines especially for the season. Armani Exchange has a range of sleek and sophisticated looks which take the phrase “minimalist chic” to a new level. Prices range from about SGD250 to 500, so you have plenty of options whether it is for a special someone, or a group gift.

Armani collection

Armani collection

For the self-proclaimed nerds

Some tech upgrades might be in order for your geek-chic friends!

Suitable for: Due to the higher price point, likely closer friends and family.

Have you heard about Lenovo’s newest Yogabook, reputedly the lightest 2-in-1 in the world at the moment? Need something a little more hardcore that still isn’t going to weigh you down? Check out the ideapad710S – equipped with a 6th Gen Intel Core processor, and still a mere 1.16 kg. Still not enough? The Ideacentre 710 Cube, featuring to NVIDIA®’s latest GeForce® GTX 1080 graphics and 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor is the perfect gift for your gamer pals.

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We know “go big or go home” doesn’t necessarily have to be the motto of the year, but if you’re out to impress mum, dad or your spouse, why not do exactly that. The SONY BRAVIA™ W75D Full HD TV even allows up to 10 people to share photos from their smartphones. Think about it – apart from its sleek design and impressive 43-inch screen, you’ll never need a photo frame again!

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gifts for adults

Home appliances

The thing about home appliances is that you can find something to fit every personality type and need!

Suitable for: Colleagues, friends, family, male, female; also makes a great group gift!

Health enthusiast? Why not a juice blender to help with all that post-holiday season detox?

That one mum who loves to throw a posh party? How about this stylish hot water dispenser (that boils water to the perfect temperature down to every different type of tea – how’s that for fancy)?

New home-owning couple? Perhaps this sleek wireless vacuum cleaner will come in handy!


For the unconventional

Sometimes, you need to take the road less travelled for the quirky personalities in your life.

Suitable for: It really depends…but then you probably already had a person in mind when you reached this section!

When it doubt, customise! Gifts Less Ordinary has launched a heart-warming selection of fully customisable presents – including leather journals, watch/accessory boxes, candles, and even hip flasks.

It’s hard to think of quirky without thinking outside the box. 3M offers a range of fun, unexpected gifts ranging from things they need, to things they never knew they needed. Like this Rose Gold Shoe Tape Dispenser. Just try not to get tempted to keep it for yourself!


Rose Gold Shoe Tape Dispenser by 3M, available from Popular bookstore

And hey – who ever said pets weren’t family? For the pet-parents, sometimes getting a gift for their four-legged cuties is the best gift of all. Hilzy Wilzy offers a range of absolutely aww-worthy pet bandanas to ensure your pets are as spiffy as you are for the holiday season!

And, when all else fails, and the kids ­still won’t go to sleep long after the parents are ready to, sometimes you need to step in with a some festive flavours and a soothing – er – spirit.  While a bottle of wine may work, why not up the ante with Paper Lantern’s Sichuan Pepper Gin?

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None of these seem to work? Okay, come in closer – we’re about to share with you the ultimate, super-secret hack that will save you from headaches for those days when you just can’t seem to find someone the right present. After all – good things must share!

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The Gift Hamper

Okay, so it may not be quite such a secret. But think about it – gift hampers and gift sets are easily customisable, usually practical, and of course, the most important point –

Suitable for: Everyone!

Here are a couple of our top picks:

Kiehl's x Jeremyville

Kiehl’s skincare brand launched their latest annual partnership with artist Jeremyville, introducing colourful and ultra-fun holiday designs splashed across their products. Customers will be able to customise their very own gift sets for the receivers to enjoy.

And what better gift is there than health? Eu Yan Sang offers a range of over 60 products, including their signature Radiance Bird’s Nest Premium Rock Sugar and Ginseng Wine. Packages are also fully customisable.

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