9 types of Singaporean customers that you'll experience when working in F&B

9 types of Singaporean customers that you'll experience when working in F&B

Most who have worked in the F&B industry has encountered such customers... now are you one of these dreaded ones?

Singaporeans customers are undeniably a very complicated bunch. We come in all forms: the overly-patient, the overly-impatient, the failed american accent, the "my father owns this place" and so much more.

We want what we want and we're never afraid to go to extreme lengths to get it. And let's not even start with the bargainers. Here are our list of the different types of Singaporean customers... now which one are you?


#1 The "my father owns this place" one

No, he doesn't.

#2 The one who's order's so complicated, you need to write in down

"I want a Mcspicy add cheese with no mayo but extra lettuce and fries without salt and -" Oh my god, let me get my notepad.

#3 Even worse when said customer yells at you for not getting it right

"You can't even get a simple order right! Can I speak to your manager?"


#4 The one that's on the phone

"Wait you want two piece chicken one original one crispy? Ok please take that down-- no wait two crispy?! Oh sorry, both crispy." -- Ma'am, please get your order before even joining the queue.

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#5 The one that insists the price isn't what it is

"The last time I came here, it was $5!" -- Was the last time you came here like, last year?!

#6 The parents

"Can I have 5 extra plates and extra serviettes and extra - "


#7 The students

"This one got student price or not ah?" No, it's pass lunch and the student promotion is only available up till 3pm. "But it's 3:10pm! Can lah." No, cannot.


#8 The couponers

This one brings 5 different coupons for one order although it clearly states "One coupon per receipt."

#9 The confused one

"Hi can I have the big box?" Big box? "Ya the X-Men one" Ma'am this is Domino's.


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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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