Types of Singaporean Complaints That Prove That We Are Indeed a Spoilt Bunch

Types of Singaporean Complaints That Prove That We Are Indeed a Spoilt Bunch

Why is the food portion so little, why is the weather so warm, why does my mum keep calling me and so much more...

Singaporeans are SO GOOD at complaining. So good that we're almost proud of it! We complain about literally anything under the sun, speaking of which, we always complain about the sun! Why always so hot ah? Well, because we're near the equator?!

Most of these complaints just prove how much of a spoilt bunch we are.  Don't believe us? Read on!

#1 Why public transport always so crowded?

Majority of Singaporeans take public transport during peak hours. So it makes sense if it's crowded!

#2 How come like that?

Because not like this.

#3 Why does it always rain when I don't bring an umbrella?

It rains every other day. It just so happens you didn't bring an umbrella today so... there's no one to blame, really!

#4 Why is the bus so slow?

Peak hour, jam, traffic. Blame those, not the bus!

#5  Why so many things to study?

Oh come on, you're in school. There's never too many things to study.

#6 I'm so tired today

That's what you said yesterday, last week, last year and probably tomorrow. Get some sleep and stock up on your nutrients already!

#7 Why is everything so expensive?

News flash: It's not about things being expensive. Everything costs money. It just depends on whether you think spending money on them is worth causing damage to your bank account.

#8 Why is payday so far away?

Payday comes once a month, every month. It's not fair, it's always around the very secluded, quiet, almost invisible corner.

Fellow Singaporeans, can you relate? Share your thoughts with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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