Study: Women Should Have Only Two Kids If They Want To Look Attractive And Young

Study: Women Should Have Only Two Kids If They Want To Look Attractive And Young

Two kids or not, the higher levels of oxidative stress among women with high parity leads to their faster aging and lower attractiveness.

Mums, listen up. There is some good news. If you want to retain your youth and attractiveness, then there is only one solution. You will have to cap procreation at just two kids. Yes, you read that right. 

Research led by Jagiellonian University in Poland and involving Bath University states that mums who want to keep looking young should ideally have small families. 

“Women who had given birth to fewer children were judged both by men and women as more attractive, younger and healthier than women with more children. In each category the lowest scores were received by women from highest parity category (seven to nine children),” the researchers said in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology

In fact, mothers who had more kids were deemed “least beautiful.” 

Why do women lose their shine after two kids? 

Well, the reason behind this peculiar observation is simple. Childbearing takes a massive toll on a woman’s body. 

“The higher levels of oxidative stress among women with high parity may explain their faster aging and lower attractiveness in older age. These results suggest that costs of reproduction might affect women’s physical appearance,” the study stated. 

Unfortunately for us, that is not the only thing that makes us lose our shine. Having to rear them, manage a home and work with very little attention often wears us out. 

But that doesn’t mean you cannot get out of this rut. There are always tips and tricks that a tired and busy mum can use. And we say, put them to good use! 

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5 golden tips and tricks for tired, busy mums 

1. Share child rearing with the father

Whether you have two kids or more, your husband cannot run away from his responsibilities. If you have a young one on your hands, why not let your husband take care of the older child? Or both? 

Now, the older kid might not get his teeth brushed or wear his pyjamas just the way you prefer. But you know what? At least he is healthy, and he’s even bonding with his dad. At the end of the day that’s what matters. 

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2. Learn to sleep whenever and wherever possible

Quite literally, many mums master the art of sleeping in the shower. Or sneaking in a power nap when their kid goes out to play. 

There is nothing wrong in getting some shut-eye, especially when you’ve been running around making sure all your kids are healthy, well-fed and clean. Just don’t sleep while driving or spoon-feeding your baby, and you’ll be just fine. 

3. Just. Stop. Cleaning.

We all love a spick and span home. But when you have two kids or more, sometimes those plans can go out the window. With toys flung all over the place and sometimes food stuck to the wall, cleaning everything while taking care of kids is impossible.   

In fact, even if it were possible, why do you want to burden yourself? If on a few days you just let the toys lie where they are, nobody is going to die.

Going back to number one on this list, you can ask you husband to help you clean. He lives with you, doesn’t he? 

4. Get a little creative

Encourage your kids to utilise their time wisely while you get some rest. You can give them tasks in their own room (especially the older ones) and even get them a clock. And only when it’s time can they rush into your room. 

Maybe your kids like to paint or read a book. Set some time aside when you can do your own things and they can indulge in these activities. Win-win for all. 

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5. This too shall pass 

There is no bigger rule that this when it comes to parenting. You should know that everything you are experiencing in the present will pass. Your kids will grow up, you will no longer have to run after them and you will finally get the beauty sleep that has long eluded you. 

So accept the fact that you will be tired and sleepy. But what you gain in return are beautiful children who love you. And frankly, they don’t really care about your appearance as much as they care about your presence. 

But if you are fixated on youth, how about incorporating some exercise, healthy food, lots of water and some shut-eye in between childcare and housework? 

Sources: Mylifeandkids, American Journal of Physical Anthropology

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