Here’s how Two Australians change a homeless girl's life

Here’s how Two Australians change a homeless girl's life

Chris Bray and his wife set out on a journey to find one girl out of a population 1.25 billion Indians. How did they succeed? Read on to find out!

Some stories restore your faith in humanity, and this is one such story.

Chris Bray, a photographer from Australia, upheld the Christmas spirit of giving by helping a girl from Vadodra, Gujarat. When friends Dick Smith and his wife Pip, visited Gujarat a few weeks back, they spotted a little girl wrapped in nothing but a pink blanket and decided to help her.

They approached Chris and his wife Jess to help the girl, who without hesitation decided to immediately go to India and find that girl.

These pictures beautifully capture their journey and will surely melt your heart.

THE STORY IN PHOTOS: Traveling India by train few weeks ago, Dick Smith passed a homeless family living under a bridge,...

Posted by Chris Bray on Sunday, December 20, 2015

Read their story through this album and spread the cheer this Christmas.

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Paige Li

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