Mum tortures twin babies on video as netizens seek justice

Mum tortures twin babies on video as netizens seek justice

The twin baby girls were crying while their mother slapped them and dropped them to the floor until they bled.

I used to think that a mum would never abuse her own flesh and blood no matter how bad a situation she was in. But every time videos of child abuse go viral on social media, it makes me rethink this. I now know some parents are capable of unthinkable cruelty. Still, nothing prepared us for the amount of torture and cruelty we witnessed recently. 

When several videos showing a pair of twins tortured by their own mother reached us yesterday, nobody could figure out the exact details about the video, including where. All we know is that it went viral overnight. Netizens kept sharing and sharing in the hope that the abuser would be caught.

twins tortured by their own mother

Twins Tortured by Their Own Mother

The videos are a series taken by the mother herself as she continuously slaps and beats the babies on the head and throws them to the floor from a height.

Both twins were baby girls aged six months. In one of the videos, one of them was bleeding from the mouth. The abuse and beatings were cruel and heartless. Just imagine the twins tortured by their own mother, all the while screaming and crying in pain from the torture.

twins tortured by their own mother

And if that wasn’t bad enough, in a separate video, the mother can be heard telling one of her babies “Today, I will kill you” while she proceeded to strangle her.
She throttled her child so hard until the baby was unable to cry. All that could be heard in the video were feeble attempts to breathe as the six-month-old baby’s eyes glazed over as she began to lose focus.
twins tortured by their own mother

Look at the confusion in those innocent eyes.

Saudi officials saved the twins tortured by their own mother

It was reported later in the news that the video actually originated from Saudi Arabia. The videos went viral all over Twitter as citizens began tagging the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development, asking them to intervene.

A search was launched by Saudi officials on social media platforms. Eventually, they managed to locate the person who originally posted the videos.

Mohanad Al Hashdi told authorities that he knows the twins’ father’s family. He claims that the videos were taken by a Somali woman living in Saudi Arabia. When posting the videos, Al Hashdi pleaded for the help of Saudis to save the babies because their grandfather was unable to travel to them.

It turns out the twins’ parents are currently divorced. And the mother was not getting any financial support from their father. This drove her to video herself torturing the babies. She later sent these videos to her ex-husband’s father to push him to send her some money.

In the end, the ministry managed to locate the twins who were in Jeddah. They were taken away from their mother and were sent to the hospital for treatment. 

Domestic Violence

The twins tortured by their own mother were later handed over to the father’s relatives. In an interview with Alekhbariya TV, a spokesman from the ministry said that this was clearly a case of domestic violence, and the babies will never be returned to the mother.

During the time of reporting it is unclear if the mother was suffering from depression or is mentally sound. Whatever the reason, her behaviour was cruel and barbaric beyond description.

As the videos are extremely disturbing in nature, we won’t be showing them here. But if you think you can stomach it, you can see videos of the twins tortured by their own mother here.

Everyone deserves a home that is safe and free from violence.

If you are or someone you know is experiencing family violence and need someone to talk to, call the AWARE Helpline at 1800 777 5555 or email [email protected].


Source: Gulf News 

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