Twins give birth on the same day!

Twins give birth on the same day!

Do you believe in twin coincidences? Read on for twin coincidences where twin sisters actually delivered on the same day and a mum delivered her third set of twins!

Twin coincidences

Twin coincidences: Yet another set of twins gave birth on the same day.

Or are you the sort who believes in fate and a higher power at work? Whatever it is, a lot of cosmic forces were at work when twin sisters actually delivered their babies on the same day! What are the odds of twin sisters discovering they were pregnant on the same day too? This is indeed a true-to-life tale of Erica and Tashina Ackley who just turned 22.

They delivered their bundles of joy with merely hours in between. Tashina had a girl and named her Ivory Mae Cushing, while her twin Erica had a son and named him Keiran Leighton Carter.

Another set of twin sisters who gave birth on the same day

No, it wasn’t planned

This was one of those genuine twin coincidences, Tashina shared: “We thought it would be cool if we had our babies on the same day, but we didn’t expect that it would happen.”

Erica said: “We took pregnancy tests together and found out we were pregnant on the same day, and we did every [prenatal] appointment together.”

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Grandma’s delight

Can you imagine the excitement of the grandma in this situation? As reported, Tashina, who broke the thrilling news to her mother said: “I waited a few hours. Then I asked my mother if she would like to have a baby in each arm again, like she did with us. She had no idea what I meant until I told her I was pregnant, too.”

We guess grandma will be re-living her days of double trouble with double the fun!

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Yet another set of twin sisters delivering on the same day! Apparently twins giving birth on the same day is not so uncommon after all.

Twin coincidences: Third set of twins for mum!

While on the topic of coincidences and twins. A mummy in Scotland gave birth to twin girls after having two sets of twin boys who are now 12 and 14 respectively! None of her twins are identical. It is after all a medical fact that if you have had a history of fraternal twins, you’re likely to have twins yet again. Age is another factor in getting twins, the older you are, the higher the chances.

Karen Rodgers, 41, beat the odds of 500,00 to 1. She said upon discovering she was pregnant with twins for the third time: “It never crossed my mind that it would be twins again but I’m absolutely delighted.”

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Karen Rodgers talks about her experience and how she expects with six kids in tow

More kids in the household

It’s already a full house with four boys, and the large gap between the kids. How will Karen cope with this? According to the interview on Daily Mail, she shared: “It is daunting but because the boys are a bit older, it makes it a bit easier. They understand more and I’m going to need a lot of help from them.”

Dad, Colin Rodger, 44 said: “I think the girls are going to have five dads with the boys looking out for them too, and it will be a frightening gauntlet for any boyfriend to run.”

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Here’s a video of a mother in Brooklyn who also had three sets of twins

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