Student Hit By Car Making Discretionary Right Turn

Student Hit By Car Making Discretionary Right Turn

The student is shown to have been flung several feet before landing on his face.

Footage from a car dashcam shows the moment a boy is hit by a car making a discretionary right turn.

The video was uploaded at 1:30pm on 6 January on

A red Honda was turning onto Clemeceau Avenue towards Havelock Road.

At the time, pedestrians had right of way.

From the impact, the school boy was thrown several feet away from the pedestrian crossing and landed on his face.

According to, the child is from Outram Secondary School.

The video shows several pedestrians were walking towards him from the opposite side of the road. It appears the car didn’t notice the student as he may have been covered by the adjacent car that was also turning.

Contentious discretionary right turn law should be removed altogether, MPs say

turning right at a junction with traffic lights singapore

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The discretionary right turn rule has been in the news over the past couple of years as a result of fatal accidents.

Last year, Lim Sun Sun, a Nominated Member of Parliament, advised this turning is “fundamentally problematic”, as she personally was hit by a bus that was making a discretionary right turn.

She urged the Land Transport Authority to remove the rule earlier than the proposed 2023 timeline. 

“I think it is important all junctions should have RAG signaling, and when pedestrians may cross, no vehicles should be permitted to turn,” she said.

“These signals should be consistent to reduce confusion among motorists who now encounter different signaling at different junctions.”

The discretionary right turn allows drivers to turn right on a green light if they consider it safe to do so.

Two people were killed in two separate accidents in April, 2019. Both were as a result of a discretionary right turn.

Proper road safety for children

turning right at a junction with traffic lights singapore

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While the controversial law is still under debate when it will be removed, there are certain steps parents can take to avoid any mishaps on the road.

Your little one is nimble and taking your eyes off him/her for just a second could potentially be fatal. 

Here are five key things to teach your child for optimal road safety.

1.  Stop, look, listen and think before crossing a road

Teach your little one to stop before crossing and observe if it is safe to do so. That extra few seconds can be the difference between life and death.

2. Use pedestrian crossings wherever possible

Jaywalking is an offence in Singapore. And while it is tempting to cross when the road is empty, you should always use a pedestrian crossing if it’s available.

3. Cross at the safest point, even if you have to walk further out of your way

turning right at a junction with traffic lights singapore

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It might be convenient to cross at the nearest junction, or where you might feel it’s safe. But heading to the safest point ensures you have proper vision of your surroundings and right of way.

4. Wait for the green man while crossing at traffic lights

Even if it might take some time, waiting for the green man before you cross minimises any risk as both drivers and pedestrians know who’s turn it is to use the road.

5. Put away phones and other devices when you’re walking around roads and cars

That text or Instagram post can wait! Ensure your attention is fully focused on the road, or your child might run further than you think and onto the road!


We hope the boy is okay after this terrible accident. Make sure to practise road safety to prevent similar accidents from happening to your family!

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