Tube train speeds off with mother’s baby

Tube train speeds off with mother’s baby

Here's another tube accident scenario...What would you do if you can’t get the baby out of the train in time before the doors shut and your baby is taken for a ride without you? Find out how this mummy managed this horror and was she finally reunited with her baby?

Tube accident

Read on for tips on how to prevent a tube accident when boarding

The full scenario of the tube accident

An eyewitness told the London Evening standard: “I saw the woman try to get on the train as the doors were closing. Most people have done it before – just jumped on at the last minute. But she had a pram and luggage, so it obviously took longer. The doors were going ‘Beep, beep, beep’ and closed before she got on. She was screaming ‘Stop, stop, stop’.’

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State of panic

This happened at the South Kensington station in busy central London. A woman  had pushed her baby in a stroller on board before she could get on herself.  She took her eyes off her baby for a split second to pick up the rest of her luggage when the doors of the tube shut –taking her baby with it.

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Guardians on board

The train was not able to stop right then after the tube accident or incident. It was not until the next stop at Gloucester Road, that the baby could alight with a few good Samaritans who kept an eye on the child who was believed to be about a year old. Thankfully, the baby and mummy were reunited after the ordeal of this tube accident.

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Avoiding a tube accident

There is no doubt that the mother was handling too much at once. Here are some handy tips for a multitasking mother when boarding any public transportation or elevators. These tips could very well help you steer clear of a tube accident.

1. Never, for one instant take your eyes or hand off the stroller or pram, especially when boarding a lift or a train. Be extra vigilant at these times look out for dangers or malfunctioning doors.

2. If you are handling too much, don’t be shy—ask for assistance from someone standing next to you. People usually won’t mind lending a helping hand.

3. Get a multipurpose stroller that you can hang your luggage on so that you manage baby and all other miscellaneous bags at one go.

4. A baby carrier, where you carry your baby on you at all times can ensure that your baby is on you no matter what you’re doing. There is no risk—your baby goes where you go.

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