Trick your kid to stop watching TV

Trick your kid to stop watching TV

Is your child always glued to the TV? Try these tips to get your kids to stop watching TV all the time.

The truth is that many kids rely on watching television because they just don’t know how to entertain themselves. How many times has your child complained of boredom only to be handed a TV remote control? Do you constantly find yourself letting the TV babysit your young ones? If so, it’s time to take some action. Here are 5 useful tips on how to get kids to stop watching tv.

1. Get a library card (or use their student pass)

Trick your kid to stop watching TV

The absolute greatest solo activity for your child might just be reading. Encourage it! Suitable for any kid of any age, books might just turn out to be your child’s best friend. Also check out audio books on tape or download e-books onto your tween’s iPod.

For those already in primary schools, they can borrow books using their student pass! 

2. Encourage them to help out around the house

Let them "help" you cook, clean, and do laundry. Have your little ones stir, pour, and mix food for dinner prep this afternoon. A useful method of drawing them away from the telly, this trick might also unleash a hidden culinary talent in junior. If the kitchen is out of bounds, get them to help fold, match socks, or put away clothes. 

3. Make the bedroom TV-free

If you have a real addict, don’t make the television so accessible. Pull it from his room for more conducive sleep and study times. In place of the big screen, consider installing a bookshelf or have murals painted on the walls instead.

4. Switch off!

Trick your kid to stop watching TV

Instil a new viewing habit - turn the TV off when the show is over. Make sure parents (you!) adhere to the rule as well so that kids will follow suit. Remember, children learn best by example. Very soon, switching off will become a regular routine in the home.

5. Work up a sweat

The best thing for your child to do instead of watching television is to get active. Have them join a sport, take up dance lessons or gymnastic classes. It could even be as simple as going for a walk with your kid. Why not take some time off to go to the park or to the local pool today? 

Got more tips on how to get kids to stop watching TV? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!


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