Trick your kid into taking medicine

Trick your kid into taking medicine

When it comes to kids and medicine, feeding them is hard. These days, it is not as easy as a spoonful of sugar for the medicine to go down. Kids are just not as gullible as before.

Kids and medicine feeding

Kids and medicine don’t mix. Learn how to feed them.

Tips to make your kid excited about taking their medicine

Depending on the taste and type of medicine, it’ll definitely take more than sugar to wash that bitter taste down. Learn more tricks here…

1. Start by laying down the groundwork

How? Just educate your child by explaining what medication is and how it helps in kicking illnesses out of their system. Help your child understand that taking meds is non-negotiable and even adults do it when they fall sick.

2. Give your child as many choices as possible in the medicine-consuming process

 Let him choose who will feed the medicine to him, when to take it (hours within reason) and what yummy drinks he can drink after he swallows.

3. Turn the tables when it comes to kids and medicine

Let your kid feed you medicine whenever you get sick so they know that it’s the norm, even grownups do the same. Make your kid feel important by showing tremendous gratitude that he helped out in a very important process for getting well.

4. Did you know?

Cold temperatures can help mask unpleasant flavours. Now, that’s a trick to master. Keep your kid’s meds chilled. If that does not do drown out the nasty taste, then simply mix the cold medicine into equally cold foods. For example, pudding, yogurt, or apple sauce. You can also put the medicine into an ice slush. Just break off part of the popsicle, heat it up till it becomes a slushy. Then offer up the rest of the popsicle as a reward for swallowing the meds.

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5. A great mix– kids and medicine?

Another thing you can do is mix the meds in a sweet fizzy drink. Adjust the amount of soda pop according to the nastiness of the meds. Orange, grape or strawberry sodas are delish and your kid will be simply delighted. They won’t see it coming!

6. You can even role-play

Mummy can take on the role of Mary Poppins (daddy can too, we won’t discriminate)—administer the meds and swiftly follow up with a spoonful of chocolaty goodness in the form of syrup. Chocolate can wash away the taste of just about any kind of medicine.

7. Allow your kid to choose which part of the house he wants to take his medicine

He may choose his fave play corner. This will give him a sense of control over the situation which may just do the trick.

8. Bring on the superhero juice baby!

That’s right, you can make the situation more kick-ass by giving super powers to the medicine—Purple Superboy Juice, Green Hornet Goo, Yellow Whizzer Punch or Black X-Men Elixir. Tell your kid that they will get more magical super powers with every dose. Dress him in a cape with your apron and watch him soar… (Warning: please be aware that too much cough syrup will indeed make him high)

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Felicia Chin

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