How to trick your child into getting dressed

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Does your child come down for breakfast wearing their swimsuit with a raincoat for an excursion to the zoo or scream when you choose their outfit for them? We share some tips on how you can make the process of dressing your child tantrum free.

trick your child to get dressed

Find out here the best ways to trick your into getting dressed!

Getting your child dressed can be a nightmare for some especially when any mention of ‘It’s time to change’ induces a screaming fit. It’s something that I go through daily with my two-year-old and at the rate it’s going, I can only assume it’s going to get worst the older she gets. Yet parents shouldn’t despair as there are many ways to trick your child to get dressed.

Distract, distract, distract

This is my go-to method to trick your child to get dressed. It is especially effective with toddlers. When your child is on the changing mat and you are ready to get them dressed and the first signs of tears are visible, start singing their favourite songs and change them according to the rhythm of the song. I sometimes even play peek-a-boo with them – especially useful when taking out their tops. By distracting them from the fact that you are changing them and making it into a sort of show, the tears will dry and your toddler will be changed in a jiffy.

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Put on a fashion show

This method to trick your child to get dressed is best used for older children. During the school holidays or weekends when both you and your child have some down time, suggest putting on a fashion show. Get your child to pick their favourite outfits from the wardrobe and show them off to the family in a special show. This will get your child excited and give them ownership of their outfits. It will also give you an idea of what they like to wear and what looks nice on them. During the show the family can then give your child encouraging comments on the outfits. This is also an opportunity for you to take pictures of the outfits and catalogue them on a mobile device or tablet for easy access next time your child complains about your choice of dress for them.

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Trick your child to get dressed

Minimizing the options is a great way to trick your child to get dressed

Limit choices

Ultimately every child wants to have some control over what they wear and it is this that makes them question or throw a tantrum about your choice of outfit for them. One way to combat this and trick your child to get dressed is to limit their choices. Instead of saying, “Fine just choose whatever you want to wear”, which could mean them heading out with a tutu and fishing hat, let them choose between two or three outfits that are appropriate for wherever you are going. This gives them some semblance of control without going overboard in the wacky outfit choices.

Let nature make your point

Of course there will be moments when your child refuses to put on their sweater or raincoat when it’s raining out, or insist on wearing their swimming costume to Snow City. At this juncture just tell them sweetly that they will have to stay in the car when you arrive at the park, Snow City, etc., because you love them too much to let them go out and play in the cold temperature. This not only encourages them to put on proper outfits but also frees you from screaming and forcing them into that jacket. Definitely a great trick to get your child dressed!

We hope that you have found this information useful. Do share with us if you have any other suggestions to trick your child to get dressed.

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