How to trick your child to let you leave

How to trick your child to let you leave

Do you face the challenge of a screaming child every time you try to leave the house? Have you even considered barricading yourself in the house forever? Don't do that just yet -- find out how to trick your child into letting you leave without creating a big fuss ever again.

trick your child to let you leave Considered not leaving your house ever again because of your children? Find out how to trick your child to let you leave!

Leaving your child at home to go to work can be a daily struggle, especially if your child is below the age of three. The crying, screaming and tugging, all become a far too familiar experience. Yet it doesn't have to be this way. We share some easy ways to trick your child to let you leave without creating a fuss.

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Reassure and remind

The first way to trick your child to let you leave is to reassure and remind. After all, young children crave stability and like to know what to expect. Thus, it’s always recommended that you explain to them ahead of time when you plan to leave. For example, you could say to your toddler, 'Daddy and I are going out to dinner tonight and you are going to stay with Aunt Hana. She will feed you your porridge, wash you up, read a story to you and put you to bed, and we will be home to see you when you wake up in the morning.'

Since most younger children have yet to grasp the concept of time and have a short memory, you should tell your toddler what to expect (your dinner with daddy) at least thrice a day. In this sense, when you’re ready to leave for dinner, your toddler will be prepared and won’t throw hysteric fits when you leave.

trick your child to let you leave One way to trick your child to let you leave is to prepare them completely

Prepare themselves mentally and emotionally

The second way to trick your child to let you leave is to prepare them mentally and emotionally. This is especially relevant for Mums who are going back to work after maternity leave or a hiatus. For a week before you are due back at work, get the nanny/babysitter to come over so that your child can acclimate to that person. This will help them to adapt better when you go back to work the next week and the nanny will be their prime carer.

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Don't prolong goodbyes

The third way to trick your child to let you leave is to make goodbyes with them short and sweet. Many parents make the mistake of prolonging goodbyes, especially when their child starts crying. The prolonged goodbyes and waiting at the door will only confuse the child as to whether you are staying or going. Also if they see that their crying and tantrum is causing you to hesistate they will only lengthen it so that you won't leave.

Trust that your child will stop crying once you are out of sight.

Play games

Lastly, you can trick your child to let you leave by playing some games. To prepare your child for the time you might leave them to go to work or run errands, play games such as ‘hide and seek’ or ‘peek a boo’ with them. What this does is that it sets up the paradigm that even though they can't see you (you aren't there) you will return or eventually reappear. It also teaches your little ones about separation and how it is okay to be separated from mum and dad for a while.

We hope you have found these suggestions on how to trick your child to let you leave helpful. Do share with us if you know of any other ways to soften the blow of separation with your child.

You can also check out the video below on how to deal with separation anxiety in your child.

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