Silicon Valley Inspired Pre-School And Childcare Trehaus Opens In Funan

Silicon Valley Inspired Pre-School And Childcare Trehaus Opens In Funan

Silicon valley inspired preschool Trehaus opens another centre in Funan which includes a business and family club. Find out more here!

Most mums, after giving birth, have quite the dilemma to face as they balance work and their brand-new role as a mother. It can get chaotic and can take a toll on a mum’s physical and emotional well-being. As a result of this tension, some mums make the big decision of leaving their corporate jobs to stay home with their children.

This was exactly what troubled CEO and founder of silicon-valley inspired pre-school and childcare Trehaus, Dr Elaine Kim. As a mother of three herself, Dr Elaine did not like the idea of having to choose between her career or motherhood.

“The world is changing. Working parents of today don’t want to have to choose between career and family. They don’t have to be bound to an office desk away from their children from 9 to 6 and miss out on being present in their children’s fleeting first years ” she added. 

With this observation in mind, Dr Elaine then founded Trehaus preschool which doubles up as a childcare, a business club, and a family club to cater to the needs of working parents and their families in the city.  


trehaus preschool

Kids enjoying the different programmes at the preschool/Source: TrehausSource: Trehaus

Led by a team of professional early childhood educators and caregivers, Trehaus school caters to children from two months to six years old. The school prides itself on its unique curriculum which strives to raise “change-makers”.

The programmes in the school include “Little CEO” which aims to instil leadership, confidence and public speaking skills and “Little Engineer” which is a STEM programme that teaches the basics of coding, design thinking and logical reasoning.  

The school also offers a bilingual English and Mandarin programme or a pure Mandarin immersion programme that will give children a headstart in reading and writing. 

The school costs S$2,568 per month for a full-day and S$2,354 for half-day.

Business Club

trehaus preschool

Area for parents to work which is right next to the preschool/Source: Trehaus

For parents who want to stay close to their kids and work at the same time, you can head down to the Trehaus Business club which is located within the pre-school space. The club membership allows you to opt for three different working arrangement plans that best suits your needs.

These include the  “All Yours” ($880/month) plan which gets you your own desk, storage space, shared mail services and 5 x meeting room credits and the “Free Range” ($480/month) plan which is for 10 days every month guarantees you desk space, discounted rates to shared mail services and facilities and 2x Meeting Room booking credits. 

Play Area 

trehaus preschool

Spacious indoor playground/Source: Trehaus

Finally, parents and kids who enrol at Trehaus can look forward to a delightful play area equipped with an indoor playground and a gourmet cafe which is also open on the weekends. Parents can also consider the Family Club membership, which will get you exclusive access and invitations to private events, workshops, themed playdates and parties. 

Trehaus School is also an Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) accredited institution which means that Singaporean parents who enrol their children for full-day childcare are eligible to receive up to $300 monthly fee subsidies. 

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Written by

Shreya Jagdish

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