Trehaus Launches the TLC Card to Support Local Businesses Through COVID and Beyond

Trehaus Launches the TLC Card to Support Local Businesses Through COVID and Beyond

Everyone needs some TLC: Enjoy meaningful deals while driving revenue to your family’s favourite homegrown brands!

Integrated co-lifestyle space Trehaus announced the launch of the TLC card, an initiative to support local businesses through the COVID crisis. The app-based card offers cardholders 1-for-1 or 50%-off deals from partner brands, curated for the discerning modern family.

“Trehaus is a modern village for families, and at our heart is the desire to exemplify the character we want to nurture in the little ones in our preschool, Business Club creche and community, and give back to others wherever we can. As an SME ourselves, we know first-hand how hard the pandemic has hit local businesses in Singapore. In times like this, we believe that it is important to stand together. To that end, we hope that the TLC card will serve as a platform for brands to join hands, cross-promoting and cross-marketing each other to raise the visibility of homegrown products — and let the young families in our community support the brands they really care about,” said Dr Elaine Kim, CEO and Co-founder of Trehaus.

Trehaus Gives Back

Trehaus Launches the TLC Card to Support Local Businesses Through COVID and Beyond

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Trehaus is an integrated co-lifestyle space for families with a preschool and childcare, office space and family club. Raising a generation of changemakers who will make a positive difference in the world is at the core of Trehaus’ mission. This COVID crisis has been a difficult time for Trehaus but the company believes in living out the values instilled in Trehaus kids – gratefulness, social awareness and responsibility and caring for others.

With this in mind, Trehaus first launched the HOPE project with a plan to send 400 care packs and over 1000 data SIM cards to migrant workers in factory-converted dormitories, in collaboration with the Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO), a member of the Hope Initiative Alliance. Now with the launch of the TLC Card, Trehaus aims to support local businesses that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and the ensuing circuit breaker.

Staying faithful to the Trehaus vision of holistic family development, the TLC Card connects families with homegrown Singaporean brands spanning six sectors — Food and Beverage, Retail, Lifestyle, Wellness & Services, Education & Enrichment, Travel & Hospitality — promising something for everyone in the family, from the young to the young-at-heart. Brands on board include Love, Bonito, Our Second Nature, Mothercare, Skin Inc., Lo & Behold Group, Unlisted Collection, Park Hotel Group, The Ascott Limited, Bynd Artisan and more!

With meaningful, curated deals, TLC cardholders will be able to support the brands that matter most to them, and help local businesses recover from this difficult period. “We’re proud to be a participating partner in this initiative by Trehaus – it’s a great example of local businesses working together to find new ways to delight our customers and community in this climate,” said Wee Teng Wen, Managing Director of The Lo & Behold Group.

Get the TLC Card

TLC Card Singapore

Supporting your favourite brands is simple. Just sign up for the TLC Card at, download the Trehaus app, and log in to redeem your favourite deals. The first 500 members to sign up will be able to do so for free. Thereafter, signups will be $50 per family, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Trehaus HOPE PROJECT. Cardholders will even be able to support local brick-and-mortar businesses through different phases of the circuit breaker, by purchasing vouchers that can be redeemed once the businesses have re-opened, or gifted forward to friends and family.

Homegrown businesses and brands with products aimed at discerning families with young children are invited to list themselves for free on the TLC Card. To learn more about the TLC Card and how to get listed, visit

The app has been built in partnership with Smarten Spaces, a Singapore-based startup with a focus on making spaces smart and safe.

Trehaus Village Festival celebrating the launch of the TLC card, 1-30 July 2020

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We are organising a month-long online festival culminating in a virtual party to celebrate the launch of the new TLC. Activities during the Trehaus Village Festival include IG Live sessions, featuring founders of your beloved brands, FB webinars and a Zoom launch party. It will culminate in the virtual Official Launch Party on 30th July that all are invited to join! Sign up for the launch party at and get a chance to win an exclusive TLC Card Party Gift Box worth over $1000.

About Trehaus, Ahead of Change

Trehaus is an integrated co-lifestyle space for the modern family. The flagship, Trehaus at City Hall is a 12,000 sq ft space in Funan, close to Singapore’s CBD. This modern village where the future family can work, learn and play together is helmed by Trehaus School, a Silicon Valley-inspired preschool and childcare. With its proprietary Littles’ Programme curriculum and research-based pedagogy, this school for 18 months to 6-year-olds focuses on building character and raising the next generation of changemakers. The Business Club within Trehaus at City Hall lets parents work steps away from their children, allowing working parents to be part of their child’s learning journey and not miss their precious first few years. Through its corporate membership Programme, Trehaus Business Club also offers companies an innovative solution to provide flexible work arrangements and family-friendly benefits to help retain talent. On the weekends, Trehaus at City Hall transforms into Trehaus Family Club, a private members club with an indoor playground, healthy gourmet cafe and a wide range of curated enrichment programmes for children and activities for parents.

For more information, please visit

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