10 Awesome ways to treat age spots NATURALLY!

10 Awesome ways to treat age spots NATURALLY!

Ever wish you could get rid of age spots without those expensive treatments? Here are some ways to treat age spots naturally!

Do you look in the mirror and notice more and more age spots on your skin? Wish you could go back to the healthy and youthful appearance you once used to enjoy?

Here then is lots of useful information on age spots, including how to treat these in a natural manner. By following the recommendations included in this article, soon, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful skin once more.

#1 Attack age spots with two weapons at once

If you were to visit the dermatologist, you would soon discover that the standard treatment recommended for age spots is hydroquinone. However, most people, including those who also present acne and blemishes on their skin, will suffer from additional irritation by following such treatment.

Instead, it is recommended to choose treatment solutions which present a low risk of irritation, such as kojic acid, licorice extract and vitamin C. The trick is to attack the age spots with two weapons at once so that you guarantee the best possible result in the end.

#2 Opt for general application, and not spot treatment

When we notice the appearance of age spots on our skins, the tendency is to address those spots in particular, and forget about the rest of the skin. However, in the situation that the condition is too extensive, you might discover that a spot treatment won’t be sufficient.

As brightening treatments are often recommended for age spots, make sure that you go for general application. Otherwise, you might discover that the skin in the respective area has been brightened, but the rest of the complexion remains the same.

It is thus best to brighten the entire face, for example, provided that your age spots are visible in this area. Another thing you can do is combine a spot treatment with a general brightening solution, such as vitamin C-based products.

#3 Fade age spots with arbutin

Arbutin is a natural extract from the Serratula quinquefoliae plant and one that has been recently discovered to have a positive effect on minimizing the appearance of age spots. According to this study, which was published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, arbutin has efficient lightening properties, which is why it could be used for skin hyperpigmentation, age spots included.

It was revealed that the active substance could reduce the amount of melanin present in the skin, at the level of age spots, thus improving the overall appearance. Arbutin is considered to be both safe and effective, being suitable for topical applications (cream).

10 Awesome ways to treat age spots NATURALLY!

#4 Pine bark extract for photo aged skin

It is no secret that prolonged and constant exposure to the sun can lead to the premature aging of the skin. This process is known as photo aging, and one of the main changes it will bring to your skin is in the form of aged spots.

Moreover, you might also have to deal with puffiness and under eye bags, as symptoms of poor circulation. According to a study published in Clinical Interventions in Aging, it seems that pine bark extract could represent a natural remedy for age spots and photo aged skin in general. The study was based on the oral administration of French maritime pine bark extract, a natural remedy with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A significant reduction in the pigmentation of the age spots was confirmed.

#5 Aloe vera gel

For many years now, we have heard about aloe vera gel being a suitable natural remedy for numerous skin conditions. However, in 2009, a study published in the Annals of Dermatology, confirmed that aloe vera gel could have benefits for the photo aged skin.

10 Awesome ways to treat age spots NATURALLY!

Women over the age of 45 were given aloe vera gel supplements, with their skin appearance being measured for anticipated results. It was discovered that aloe vera gel has tremendous benefits on the photo aged skin, improving the overall appearance, making wrinkles less visible and restoring the skin’s natural elasticity.

#6 Drinking more coffee could help you escape age spots effortlessly

Coffee may not be just your favourite morning drink but also a natural remedy against age spots. According to a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, coffee contains a high quantity of polyphenols, which are known for their antioxidant properties.

The study confirmed that drinking coffee on a daily basis ensures a high level of photo protection, with fewer age spots being present on the skin. So, not only does coffee provide protection from further exposure but it can also decrease the already-existent pigmentation (age spots), due to its naturally high content of antioxidants.

#7 Algae as a natural remedy against age spots

Algae are often used for beauty treatments and for all the right reasons, including for the improvement of an otherwise dull complexion. In 2012, it was discovered that astaxanthin, a natural substance derived from algae, could be used for its cosmetic benefits on the skin.

The participants in the study were asked to take this natural remedy both orally and topically; according to the results, it minimised common signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, improved its overall texture and made age spots less visible.

#8 Citroflavonoids, efficient weapons against age spots

Everyone knows that many of the skin brightening treatments out there contain citrus fruit extracts. This is because citrus fruits are naturally rich in antioxidants, being able to brighten the skin and restore its healthy-looking appearance.

According to a study undertaken by a cosmetics company in Switzerland, citroflavonoids could be used to make age spots and other signs of aging less visible. The study confirmed that topical applications of citrus fruit extracts brightened the skin, giving it an added luminosity. These natural remedies are highly efficient, having both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

10 Awesome ways to treat age spots NATURALLY!

#9 Turmeric cream against age spots and other aging signs

Turmeric is a wonderful spice to use in the kitchen but also one that can do wonders on your skin, being used since the ancient of times for beauty rituals. According to an article published in Medscape Dermatology, turmeric cream could be used successfully, in the fight against age spots and other aging signs.

Not only does turmeric cream make age spots less visible but it also works to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, restoring the healthy appearance of the skin. Turmeric, like many other natural remedies, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, being perfect for photo aged skin.

10 Awesome ways to treat age spots NATURALLY!

#10 Sophora flavescens, a Chinese medical herb that treats age spots naturally

Sophora flavescens is a Chinese medical herb, which is well-recognised for its rich content of antioxidants and also for its beneficial effects on the skin. According to an article dedicated to the subject of skin tone lighteners that come from nature, this is one of the best solutions for age spots.

At the moment, researchers are still trying to find an explanation for the effects of this natural remedy at the level of the skin. However, it has been confirmed that such topical applications can inhibit the production of melanin, thus making age spots less visible.

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