34 tips and tricks for travelling alone with your toddler

34 tips and tricks for travelling alone with your toddler

If you are travelling alone with a toddler, you NEED these tips to not just survive but rock the whole travelling experience!

Well, some painful things cannot be avoided, like vaccines, and travel! Travelling with a toddler is a momentous task. In fact, I believe that it is easier to write an entire book than it is to travel with one. So you can imagine how onerous it must be to travel alone with her!

You are a bit lucky if you are travelling on a bus or a train. You can at least move around, or get down and stretch your leg when there is a restroom stop. However, if you are travelling by air, you really need all the luck you can get. 

That said, here are a 34 tried and tested hacks to make the travelling easier for you and the toddler. 

1# Reach 3 hours before the time of departure. Check-in as early as you can and reach the gate. Your toddler will be bored and will sleep readily during the flight. 

2# Try and get a seat near a toilet near the back of the plane. Passengers waiting to ‘go’ will keep your baby entertained!

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3# Pack one bag that goes below the front seat. Pack the contents in sandwich bags – one for the toddler’s extra pair of clothes and diapers, another for some snacks, third for an extra t-shirt for you and your travelling essentials and a fourth for everything else. 

4# Pack 3 diapers and add 1 per 3 hours of journey. For instance, for a flight from Singapore to London that takes 15 hours, you need to keep at least 8 diapers handy. 

5# Use baby carriers for carrying the toddler and the stroller for transporting the carry-on luggage!

6# Carry brand new albeit inexpensive toys to keep the toddler distracted during take-off and landing.

7# Post-its and crayons can keep your bub occupied even on your lap!

8# If you are planning to fly with the toddler on your lap, try to get an extra seat at the gate, not at the counter.

9# Pack 2 extra bibs. They come in handy to clean up the mess a toddler can potentially make!

10# Take an early flight. Babies tend to be cranky after the noon. With a 7 am flight, they end up napping during the journey. 

11# Save luggage space by buying diapers and other stuff on Amazon and get it delivered to your destination. Many hotels accommodate this request, especially if you are travelling with a toddler. 

12# If you have connecting flights, see to it that the transit duration is at least 3 hours. 

13# Carry sweets and fruit snacks just to tame any tantrums during the takeoff and landing

14# Suck up to the stewardess. She is going to make your life infinitely easier!

15# Wear comfortable clothes and avoid heels. 

16# Get the aisle seat instead of the window one. Toddlers get a bit restless when they are on the lap near the window. 

17# Don’t carry more than 2 carry-on luggage pieces between the two of you. It becomes very difficult to manage.

18# Fly on Wednesdays. The flights tend to be less full.


You might find an empty row on a Wednesday!


19# If you have a lot of luggage to carry, simply courier one or more bags beforehand. 

20# Feel no shame in accepting help from fellow passengers.

21# Ignore all the judging eyes. It is not going to help your case at all.

22# Don’t forget Panadol. You never know when you might need it, and getting a paediatric dose in flight is very difficult. 

23# Expect throw-ups and carry extra napkins. Carry one pair of extra clothes for both of you for this exact reason.

24# If you are afraid of a blowout, you can use two diapers, one over another, the outer one being a size bigger than the inner. 

25# Carry a pack of bendy straws. 

26# If your toddler is on some medication, carry a few extra doses, in case your trip extends. 

27# Don’t forget your toddler’s favourite blanky if she needs it for cuddling. That is her safe zone and will help her overcome the anxiety of being with so many strangers.

28# Book well in advance to secure a bassinet, even if it is just a short journey. You never know how handy it might come. That said, it is meant for children only up to 10 kg. 

29# Carry your nursing cover with you. It serves as a shade in case your little one wants to take a nap. 

30# Dress well, the both of you. It is a twisted world, but people tend to be less bothered by any inconvenience caused by well-dressed babies.

34 tips and tricks for travelling alone with your toddler

Dress her well!

31# Carry extra food for the baby as the meal options for her in flight are quite limited.

32# Don’t forget to carry a coffee mug with you in case you have to warm up milk. You can request for warm water and immerse the bottle in it. 

33# Fanny packs are not a bad idea! They hold a lot of stuff in a relatively compact way! Plus, the zipper serves as a toy for your toddler, in case she is bored. 

34# During take-offs and landings, your toddler might experience some ear pain due to the change in air pressure. Use a pacifier or just offer a finger to suckle on to reduce the pain.

Mums and dads, do let us know if you have any more tips to share.

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