Traveling with kids: the super prepared mum’s packing list

Traveling with kids: the super prepared mum’s packing list

You’ve packed the selfie stick, pool inflatables, and adorable matching outfits – but have you missed out on some essentials?

Family holidays are a great change of pace from the daily grind; but they can go from fun in the tropics to catastrophic(!) in a heartbeat if you’re unprepared. Running out of diapers or snacks, forgetting the kids’ milk or toys are just tantrums waiting to happen.

Bring these items along on your next trip to skip the stress and spend more time having fun and making memories.

We know that packing can take DAYS, so we’ve come up with this list together with FairPrice On, to make things a bit easier.

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6 Must-Pack Items for Your Next Family Holiday

Traveling with kids: the super prepared mum’s packing list

  1. Familiar Food, Snacks, and Drinks

Travel is a great way to expose children’s palates to flavours outside their comfort zone. That said, kids and babies get cranky fast when hunger strikes – and that could happen in the middle of a flight, a bus ride, or in a restaurant where they can’t (or won’t) have what’s on the menu. So bring along:

  • Baby food in pouches: no-mess meals for older babies and toddlers.
  • Puffs! These are a lifesaver during long transits.
  • Crackers or trail mix
  • Organic cereals/snacks are especially great for balancing out unhealthy eats like theme park fare.
  • Water bottle, powdered/fresh milk
  1. First-Aid Kit/Medicine

Changes in weather, missed naps, viruses circulating in airports and planes – all of these combined wreak havoc on your child’s immune system. And if your tot does get sick, buying medicine from a foreign pharmacy might just give you a headache. Be on the safe side and bring your own:

Traveling with kids: the super prepared mum’s packing list

  1. Play Time Items

Keeping children occupied both during long waits and as part of your itinerary means you can relax on the journey too.

  • When you’re on a plane/train/boat/bus ride: kids’ own activity bag with crayons, doodle boards, small toys
  • Entertainment for the airport/hotel room: books, puzzles, games
  • For outdoor play and tours: umbrella, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent
  • For swimming: flip-flops and swim diapers

Traveling with kids: the super prepared mum’s packing list

  1. Diapering Essentials

Diapers are pretty easy to buy, but stores near you might not carry your child’s size or brand. It’s advisable to bring enough for the duration of the trip plus an extra day’s worth.

  • Diapers
  • Diaper cream for when you forget to or don’t get the chance to change baby’s nappy for a long time (it happens!) and his/her skin gets irritated.
  • Lots of wipes!
  • Potty spray or hand sanitiser if your little one is already potty-trained.
  1. Kids’ Toiletries

Ask the kids to help assemble their own toiletry kits just like Mum’s and Dad’s! This way, they’ll be eager to bring them out when it’s time to wash up.

  1. Nursing Aids

Whether you’re feeding directly or expressing milk, your breastfeeding journey needn’t be disrupted by your travels. Just make sure you have what you need to keep your supply up (as you may be less hydrated while traveling) and for milk storage.

  • Breastfeeding supplements/maternal milk
  • Travel adapter for your pump charger
  • Disposable breast pads/milk bags
  • Ziploc bags (to store expressed milk and ice in case the hotel chiller doesn't reach the proper temperature for milk storage)

Traveling with kids: the super prepared mum’s packing list

More Tips for Traveling with Kids: 

  • Email yourself a copy of your documents like your passports, visas, and travel insurance receipt in case of theft or loss.
  • Combine the contents of your handbag and the diaper bag in a large tote so you have fewer bags to worry about.
  • Start packing the weekend before your trip so you’re relaxed and have enough time to keep editing your packed items as the trip nears. Make a list, head over to FairPrice On for all the things you have to stock up on.

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Happy travels, Mum!

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