Transfer maid in Singapore: 5 Steps to transfer without an agency!

Transfer maid in Singapore: 5 Steps to transfer without an agency!

Here is how you can hire a transfer maid in Singapore without an agency!

Ever heard of a transfer maid in Singapore? When searching for and engaging an experienced maid, the options include going through a reputable agency to handle the MOM paperwork or handling the transfer directly with your new maid and their current employer.

A transfer maid is one that is working in Singapore, coming to the end of their contract and looking to change employer.

How do you find a transfer maid in Singapore? The more common way is via their existing employers if the parting is a mutual decision, so look out for notices on Facebook forums or community groups.

Another way is to look at the notice boards at NTUC or Cold Storage, where some FDWs advertise the transfer maid in Singapore services independently.

We know you want to save the money – what you don’t know is you are also helping the maid save that money too! Organising the transfer yourself saves both parties costs - However keep in mind that both parties will not have the support of an agency if things do not work out.

Transfer maid in Singapore: Steps involved

The team at Singapore Expat Solutions have some easy steps to help you navigate this process:

  1. Make sure you have everything in order before you start the paperwork.
  • Your new maid needs to have completed her last medical and ensure that her next medical is not required within the next 2 months (If not, her current employer needs to send her on her medical and have her results lodged with MOM)
  • Her passport needs to have minimum 6 months validity.
  • She needs permission from her current employer to transfer and they will need to sign the declaration of the transfer application

(Page 9 in this link):

  • You will need your Singpass Login to accesss WPOnline, the MOM online system that will allow you to apply and issue your new maid's work pass.
  • You can check that the maids’s work history matches up with the information given to you on WPOnline:
  • If you have not already, you will need to have completed the employers’ orientation programme.
  • You will also need to have a valid passport and  FIN/NRIC and Singpass, and prepare and provide your tax documents for the last period and your bank account details for the monthly levy deductions.
  1.    Complete the transfer application form:

Login to WPOnline using your Singapss and fill out the transfer application form.

  1. Once approved, you have your In Principle Approval letter you can then apply for the FDW Insurance and Bond.

This letter is provided by MOM, and is usually sent to you via email and post. This In Principle Approval letter is required before you can apply for the FDW work pass to be issued.  

NTUC Income is one of the providers for the bond and FDW insurance. They can be contacted on 6788 1111 or at .

You can complete the transaction on the phone and they will update MOM with the relevant details on your behalf.

  1. You can now apply for the your helper’s work pass to be issued online using WPOnline. Please note that your transfer helper may not begin work with you until her work pass has been received.
  2. Your Responsibility now as the employer includes :
  • Sign the Safety agreement with your FDW. A sample safety agreement may be found at this link.

  • Draw up an employment contract with your FDW that states her work duties, salary and when it will be paid, her rest days and notice for termination. A sample contract may be found at this link.

  • Maintain a record of salary payments: Date, Salary amount, your signature and your maid's signature.
  • Ensure that your helper goes for her 6 monthly check up

The MOM website ( has a lot of information that is valuable, and will help when navigating the transfer of FDWs.

Now that you have your helper home, why not get your Helper trained up in essential Housekeeping, Home Management and First Aid skills. Find out how here.

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