11 Traits of a Husband Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You

11 Traits of a Husband Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You

Does your man have these traits?

As a woman and a mother, your work is certainly cut out. Looking after the kids, managing your household matters, working (sometimes, around the clock) – these are just a few of the things that keep us on our toes at all times.

For many of us, our days would be extra-tough if not for the support and love of our husbands.

If your husband has the 11 qualities we identify in this gallery, ladies, you can be sure that he will never, ever stop loving you.

1. He knows you better than you know yourself

He can predict precisely how you will react in different, difficult situations. But he doesn’t just stop at predicting – he also acts fast to guard you against reacting in a way that you may regret later.

2. He cares a lot about how you feel about yourself

11 Traits of a Husband Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You

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We’ve all had those days when we just don’t feel happy with how we look. The mummy-belly, the love handles, those laughter lines and more.

On the days you criticise your own appearance, he is the first to reassure you that you are wrong, that you are beautiful. And you know from the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes that he truly means what he says.

3. He pays attention to the small things

He knows what music you like to listen to in the car, exactly how you like your eggs done, and just how much vanilla should go into making your vanilla latte just perfect (for you).

Know that these small gestures are all signs of how much he loves you.

4. He is wise, not just clever

He guides your family through real-world problems that just can’t be solved with knowledge gained from books only. His decisions are not only informed by experience but by the immense love he has for you and his family.

5. He is fast to address problems

A man who loves you and the bond you share understands that if problems are not addressed appropriately and quickly, they can damage your relationship – and there’s no way on earth he will risk this.

So when he knows something is up (yes, even if he asks you what the problem is and you say “nothing”), he persists until he finds the cause. And he addresses and fixes it.

6. He doesn’t have to be asked to be a parent

11 Traits of a Husband Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You

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Sometimes, it’s taken for granted that mummy does the bulk of child-rearing and any contribution from dad is a bonus.

A man who truly loves you doesn’t have to be asked to help out with the kids. He will actively contribute to parenting along with you.

You’ll find him setting the alarm to wake himself up to bring you the little one for a feed. He knows exactly how your toddler likes her cereal and throws himself into the diaper-changing, feeding, bedtime and bathing rituals with gusto.

Because his love for you – the mother of his child – is endless.

7. He is always present to help you through your mistakes

When you mess things up, he is right there by your side to help make things right. He does this because he hates seeing you in pain and also takes on your burdens as his own. Because you’re in it together.

8. He is never too proud to say “sorry”

Fights happen in all relationships and feelings can be left bruised.

But a man who will never stop loving you also knows that sometimes, all it takes is a little five-letter word and a hug (even if it’s not his fault!) to make things better and move on without harbouring grudges.

9. He kisses your tears away

11 Traits of a Husband Who Will Never Ever Stop Loving You

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Husbands can provide comfort in tough times in a way no one else can. When you are down and feeling low, only he has the ability to mend your feelings.

Only he has the ability to give you the strength to move on and you do so, knowing he is right there by your side.

10. He knows the right time and place to say “I told you so”

A good husband knows when to hold his tongue. But an exceptional husband knows just the right time and place to point out the fact that you may have stuffed up, and give you his honest opinion on how you could have handled the situation better.

11. He knows when you need a break

As mums, we all too often get caught up in the rush of life to give ourselves a break. Your man knows this and he forces you to stop. Pause. Relax.

So he will organise that date night once a month. He will tell you to take the “day off” from the kids and do whatever you wish – shopping, coffee with the girls, a pedicure… whatever helps you wind down and re-charge your batteries.

He won’t just make giving you a break a one-off occasion either. Your man knows you so well that he knows exactly when you need a break – and plans one for you accordingly.

Does your husband have these traits? Share with us the things he does for you to make you feel cherished, in a comment below.

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