7 topics to NOT talk about at the dinner table this holidays

7 topics to NOT talk about at the dinner table this holidays

Having dinner with family and friends is fun, but what are the topics that are best left untouched? Check out our list!

'Tis the season to be jolly... and hungry! Another year chugs along to the finish line and what better way to celebrate than partying along with friends and relatives. And of course, with food, glorious food!

While on the topic of food, notice how certain topics can get you all squeamish and uncomfortable at the dinner table? Or irritated and plain angry? Well, we think these 7 topics deserve a miss, just for the extreme feelings they evoke.

1.Potty and body fluids

Parents, we understand that you are super excited and anxiously looking forward to sharing every single detail of your bub's life, including how you noticed the colour of her poo change in quick succession from yellow to dark green to brown, and how she once threw up all over the dinner table when you fed her broccoli.

Just don't be surprised if you find fewer guests opting for second helpings of the food.

2. Religion

Quite a touchy topic, this. We suggest that you don't touch it at all! When it comes to religion, there really is no right or wrong, and there's always a risk of sounding too offensive. One man's meat is another man's poison, so the whole idea is to live and let live (or rather to eat and let eat), and not talk about it, lah!


3. Money

Big taboo for dinner, if you ask us. Some of us may not have had such a great year money-wise, and some others can't wait to brag about it. Best to let money not be such a killjoy at your dinner table, then!

4. Food comparisons

Okay, so you might have tasted better food before, but we think it's best to keep it to yourself. The hosts would have spent a considerable amount of time and effort in planning out the menu, so maybe we should just respect that.

As for the friend who keeps saying, "This is good, but the one my mum makes is simply awesome," no one wants to know. No, really.

5. Too much health (and other) information

We understand that there has been a nasty health scare that you just got rid of, how it plagued you for the longest time, and the number of doctor visits you had to make. We also know that you can't wait to talk about it. But save it for after dinner talk maybe?

Chances are, other people wouldn't be too interested in anything that doesn't concern them, that can actually kill their appetite. Expect plenty of uneasy coughs and fake "I understand"s when you bring up such topics at the dinner table.


6. Sex and double entendre jokes

Too raunchy. Plus there's the worry of little ears being privy to the conversation. Added risk of people getting offended and worse still, not finding the jokes funny at all. When there's so much of trouble involved, why bother?

7. Politics

Notice how perfectly normal and sane people start getting agitated and unreasonable when it comes to their political beliefs? If you are hosting the dinner, chances are that you might end up refereeing for the rest of dinner time.

Politics has this rare ability to stir up people's emotions, and not in a good way. If you find it sneaking into your dinner table talk, change topic, we say!

So that's it then, folks. With these topics off dinner table talk, did we just hear you ask what then CAN we talk about at dinner time? Stay tuned!


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