Top 10 Asian Celebs Who Show Off Parenting In Style!

Top 10 Asian Celebs Who Show Off Parenting In Style!

Imagine parenting with a camera constantly shoved under your nose, capturing every move you make, every hug you give your little one, every smack you lay on his chubby little hand. Welcome to celebrity parenting!

Parenting is no walk in the park. But imagine parenting with a camera constantly shoved under your nose, capturing every move you make, every hug you give your little one, every smack you lay on his chubby little hand. Now multiply that camera with about 20. Feeling the heat already? Well that is probably how most Asian celebrity parents feel. Yet they still manage to do a pretty decent job out of it most of the time.

Looking no further than our backyard, theAsianparent takes a look at the top 10 Asian celebrity parents who parent well and even have time to manage a career and at times give back to charity.


Asian Celebrity Parents

Some parents can manage celebrity life and parenthood at the same time.

Top 10 Asian Celebrity Parents

Shelley Mohd

Malaysian Shelley Mohd has been riding the waves of popularity since hitting the modelling world at 18. The face of Maybelline and Imdeen, she later became a presenter and today, is an Accounting Director at MSW Activation.

A mother of 4, the oldest being 15 and the youngest just 8 months, Shelley, 37, has allowed the children to model when they were babies. Though not restricting a career of modelling for them, she prefers if they get a good education before opting the runway or any other career.

Shahrukh Khan

Khan in a Icici Bank advertisement poster

Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction. Now a father of two, he is still very much part of Indian cinema as he was before the bundles of joy arrived. In his words, “I am a total family man. I drop my kids off at school every day and if I knew how to cook I would even cook for them. According to me, doing things for my kids is very macho”.

Mark Richmond

First-time dad, Mark Richmond, a popular face in the media, is a hands-on dad to 15-month Sol. Sharing the parenting duties with wife, Beatrice Chia, Richmond is able to find the perfect balance between work and family.

Donita Rose

Donita Rose

Former MTV Asia VJ, Filipino-American Donita Rose still leaves teenage boys weak at the knees at the mere mention of her name, despite being married and having a 5-year-old son, Joshua. Never one to shy from charity causes, Donita supports 4 causes – Shining Light Foundation, Trybe, Operation Blessing and Talents Inc.



Faye Wong

Faye Wong in concert, 2003

Hong Kong superstar and mother of three, Faye Wong established Smileangel Foundation with her husband for children with cleft lip, after her second daughter was born with a cleft lip. Raising awareness and assisting children born with cleft lips are the aims of the foundation!



Wong Li Lin

One of Singapore’s favourite girls, Li Lin is often in the limelight for the secret behind her ability to remain svelte and sexy, despite being the mother of two children who are below the age of 5. Participating in triathlons, being active in parenting forums and juggling a hectic schedule, Li Lin still has time for the kids and celebrity husband, Allan Wu.

Understanding the concept of allowing children’s imagination to run wild, Li Lin strays away from the stigma of parents by not signing her children up for any courses during holidays.


Sushmita Sen

Sushmitha Sen

1994 Miss Universe winner, Sushmitha Sen is still making headlines today with her choice of roles with motherhood being one of them. Adopting Renee in 2000, Sen has shown the world that taking the step as a single mother sometimes may not be as hard as it is cut out to be.


Aaron Aziz

Father of two, Aaron Aziz is still exuberates a charm that only most single men are able to. Very much a family man, Aaron still has girls going gaga over him and batting their eyelashes at him. Always one to take it in stride, Aaron continues to share parental duties with his wife and still be part of the entertainment world.


Charlene Gonzalez

Charlene Gonzales

Ms Gonzalez, hailing from the Philippines, is a former beauty queen, actress and currently talk show host. Mother to a set of twins, Charlene embraces motherhood. Using her experience of juggling studies with TV and movie appearances, she juggles motherhood and hosting brilliantly today!


Nadya Hutagalung

A new mother for the third time round, Nadya, juggles motherhood well with the constant request for her to remain in the limelight. Nadya, a former MTV VJ and model, now plays an active role in the humanitarian world as well. Supporting the preservations of endangered species, volunteering at fundraising aids and even lending a hand personally at the Bali Bombings, show Nadya putting her fame to good use.


What other Asian Celebrity parents do you think deserve to be in our list?


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