Top 5 apps for designing a baby nursery

Top 5 apps for designing a baby nursery

The capabilities of smart phones seems to transgress all boundaries! Did you know that smart phones have very useful apps for designing a baby nursery? Forget the magazines and check out these 5 apps for designing your perfect baby nursery!

Top 5 apps for designing a baby nursery Check out these apps for desigining a baby nursery and you'll be on your way to creating a beautiful nursery like this one in no time!

Is there anything a smart phone can't do? Apparently not...apart from distracting us on a daily basis, smart phones have helped make our lives easier in all sorts of ways from connecting us to our friends and family to helping us kill time with the large variety of very addictive apps. One thing that many people aren't aware of is that smart phones have very useful apps for designing a baby nursery. If your spouse and you are currently expecting a baby and stressing over preparing the nursery room, here are 5 apps for designing a baby nursery, which will make your life so much easier!

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1. Peaceful Nursery

The very first item on our list of apps for designing a baby nursery is 'Peaceful Nursery'! This award winning app informs parents on a whole range of issues to consider when designing a nursery from which items to buy for the nursery to what type of paint to choose. This app places a heavy emphasis on safety and includes valuable information on things, such as harmful chemicals found in each product so as to keep your baby as healthy as possible. Easy to use, this app currently costs S$2.58 when purchased from the iPhone app store.

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2. DecorPad

Marketed as the best source for interior design, this app features countless photos from A-list interior designers, which should probably infuse you with plenty of inspiration and ideas on creating that dream nursery for your baby. This app even contains a feature which allows you to find cheaper alternatives for your nursery under the 'look 4 less' guide! Best of all, this app is currently free! Although there have been some complaints regarding bugs in this app, the fact that it is free should be a sufficient enough reason for you to give it a go anyway!

3. Baby Safety Tips

The most important concern for parents is obviously the safety aspect and this app is designed specifically to address that concern. This app contains very helpful advice on safety tips when designing a baby nursery. Apart from that, this app also has numerous other safety tips from toys to bathing aids. The fact that the information from this app is provided by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and that it is free should be sufficient enough reasons for you to download this app.

designing a baby nursery Check out the last 2 apps that are bound to get your creative juices flowing for designing a baby nursery

4. Benjamin Moore Color Capture

This app for iPhone and android will help you in choosing the colours for your baby nursery so much more easily and faster. The endless amount of paint colours to choose from can present quite a dilemma for the indecisive people, but this clever app will help you find that suitable colour in a much faster time. This app allows you to take pictures of inspirational things such as the sunset, and this app will make recommendations on which paint colours can match. Best part is, this app is also free!

5. IKEA Catalogue

This user friendly app may not be specifically for designing a baby nursery, but it will no doubt help along in the process. Featuring the full IKEA catalogue, this app allows you to save some time by viewing the numerous products on catalogue,  bookmarking your favourite, then heading down to IKEA to purchase that chosen item! With this app, you will be kept up to date on the latest products and since it is free, there is really no harm done in giving this app a go right?

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