Toddler's mystery condition causes her to cry blood!

Toddler's mystery condition causes her to cry blood!

This little girl's mystery condition causes her to suddenly cry blood, a case that's baffling specialists!

Ahana Afzal, 3 was a normal toddler. However, after a bout of pneumonia when she was a 1-year-old left her with a mystery ailment that until now, doctors still haven't figured out.

Some medics might have a clue

When Ahana was diagnosed with pneumonia, she suffered bleeding from her nose. Her doctors chalked up the bleeding as a side effect of her high fever.

Later on, the little girl started to bleed from her mouth, eyes, and her ears, without any discernible reason. Her mystery condition has left her exhausted, and suffering from migraines as a result.

Ahana's parents, Nazima Begum, 28, and Mohammed Afzal, 33 have spent thousands of dollars on tests, but experts still can't figure out what's causing Ahana to bleed constantly from her mouth, eyes, and ears.

However, some medics think that her condition might be related to an extremely rare condition called hematidrosis, wherein the person sweats blood. Still, this isn't conclusive evidence as more tests have to be conducted.

"My baby asks me as to why she keeps bleeding from her ears.”

Her mother, Nazima, shares, "My baby asks me as to why she keeps bleeding from her ears. I don’t know how to answer that question. Like her, I am also clueless about her condition. All I know is every time she bleeds, her hemoglobin levels goes down drastically and we have to get blood transfused into her body."

Her father, a fitness trainer, shared that her condition started after she had a nosebleed when she was diagnosed with pneumonia. He shares, "Doctors told us that there was nothing to worry as the bleeding might be happening because of high fever. But when the frequency of bleeding increased, we decided to take her to a better medical facility. Our world came crashing down when we learned that our baby might be suffering from a rare disease.

He adds that their beloved daughter used to be bubbly and happy, but now is constantly exhausted because of her condition. The family estimates that they will need about $2300 for tests to identify what specific condition their daughter has. However, the couple only earns around $90 a month.

Her parents are desperately trying to figure out how to earn enough money in order to help identify and treat their daughter's condition. They're hoping that with enough support from kindhearted individuals, they might be able to save their baby.

The family is now looking for donations through Milaap, India's version of Gofundme, a crowdfunding site.

To donate, kindly visit their Milaap page.

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