Two toddlers die after slipping from parent’s arm in shopping mall

Two toddlers die after slipping from parent’s arm in shopping mall

Two toddlers fall to their death in a shopping pall after slipping from their parent’s arms. The incident is a reminder for all of us to be careful...

It only takes a moment for your world to shatter. Two parents in Tianjin, China, know this too well after their two toddlers—aged 2-3—plummeted to their death at a shopping mall after slipping from their parent’s arms.

Toddlers fall to death, parents could only watch in horror

What began as a fun evening at the mall turned into a horrific nightmare.

On February 27, 2017, the family decided to enjoy some time at the Joy City mall in the Nankai district. According to the Shanghaiist, one parent was carrying both toddlers, and was standing by the railings on the fourth floor when one child slipped over the railings.

The Sun reports that as the parent attempted to save the falling tot, they lost their grip on the other toddler, who fell as well. They could only watch in horror as the two children plunged four storeys to their death.

toddlers fall to their death

It was not clear whether it was the mother or the father who was holding the toddlers. Apparently, there was a 1.3m-high glass barrier at the balcony, 

A video of the parents crying hysterically over the lifeless bodies of their children has circulated on social media.

While some netizens have been quick to criticise the parents for their so-called carelessness, many more have expressed their sympathy.

You never think that something like this can happen to you until it does. We hope that these parents find the support they need after this tragedy.

Don't underestimate your surroundings. Be aware of safety hazards

This incident is a reminder for all of us to be careful, to be mindful of our surroundings, and most of all, to hold our little ones close. You can get so comfortable at your favorite mall, your neighborhood playground, or even your own home that you fail to see the safety hazards around you.

Make sure your child doesn't have access to dangerous objects or places where they could hurt themselves. Your child still doesn't have a full grasp on what's safe and what's dangerous, so it is your job as her parent to minimise the dangers in her surroundings. Awareness is key.

*This article was first published in theAsianparent Philippines

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