3-year-old child gets trapped inside top-loading washing machine

3-year-old child gets trapped inside top-loading washing machine

His legs got stuck in the rinsing section...

A three-year-old boy got trapped inside a top-loading washing machine after he had climbed in to play.

His legs had gotten stuck in the rinsing section.

Toddler Trapped Inside Washing Machine

The incident happened in Sandakan district in Malaysia on 27 August 2018. Little Mohd Azam Razlan got into mischief while playing alone. His mother was busy with her chores.

Apparently, he started crying when one of his legs got stuck in the rinsing section. Firemen from Sabah Fire and Rescue Department rushed to the scene after they were alerted about the incident.

They had to dismantle a part of the machine to get the child out. Once the child was freed, the rescuers found that he suffered bruises on his leg and was given treatment immediately.

toddler trapped inside washing machine

Photo: Screengrab, The Star Online

News of little children getting trapped inside washing machines – both front-loading and top-loading ones – are becoming more common. The washers seem like an interesting place for curious young toddlers, and a great place to hide.

Here are some safety tips to keep your children safe from washing machine dangers:

  • Never leave young kids unsupervised in laundry rooms.
  • Always lock the washer and dryer doors.
  • Check if your machine has a child lock setting. It is also advisable to install a physical child safety lock for added safety.
  • Keep laundry detergent and stain removers out of reach and out of sight. The possibility of accidental poisoning from laundry packets is real, especially with younger kids.


Source: The Star Online

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