Toddler strangled by cord from IKEA Smila lamp

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Tragically, another toddler has died in a strangulation accident from a loose cord on an IKEA Smila lamp. The lamp is removed from sale and a free repair kit is available at stores. Learn how to prevent strangulation accidents in your home.

IKEA Smila lamp recall

The wall-mounted Smila series lamps were taken off the shelves of IKEA stores worldwide in May 2013. No children in Singapore have been injured. If you have a Smila lamp, and would like to get a complimentary repair kit (safety instructions and self-adhesive fasteners for the cord), please go to any IKEA customer service counter. No proof of purchase is required.

A tragedy befell the Madden family when their 16-month-old Daniel died in a strangulation accident, in their UK home October last year. The toddler strangled himself on an IKEA Smila wall-mounted lamp cord which he managed to pull into his crib. And a similar accident left a 15-month-old child injured, after being entangled in the lamp’s cord.

A more recent fatal mishap happened in November, where a 17-month-old Sophia Parslow was found entangled in a window blind cord. And the tragic incident happened so quickly; her mother had left her in front of the television to go upstairs and found her lifeless body only minutes later.

IKEA Smila lamps have been recalled and taken off the shelves in stores world wide.  A free repair kit is available from IKEA in Singapore.

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The tragedy with a popular product like the IKEA Smila lamp that was recalled, shows us how easy it is to overlook the dangers of strangulation from long or loose cords.  Parents get caught up in child-proofing against the more obvious dangers that we sometimes overlook the obvious ones.

Sadly this can happen to anyone. Even the prominent ex-boxer Mike Tyson, lost his daughter in a freak strangulation tragedy in 2009. His 4-year-old Exodus accidentally strangled on a treadmill cord at their home.


IKEA Smila lamp recall

All cords must be attached firmly to the wall or floor and not be accessible by children under 4.

Experts we spoke to said that children under four are 15 times more likely to experience a suffocation-type death than children aged 5 to 14. So if you have children under four, be extra vigilant about any loose cords around the house. Secure them with electrical tape or hooks. All cords should be fastened down and flush to the wall or floor.

Other common household items that could cause strangulation:

  • Drawstrings
  • Necklaces
  • Ribbons
  • Window blinds and drapery cords
  • Pacifier strings

Do also be aware of less obvious strangulation hazards such as small openings in children’s furniture, that are too small for their body yet still allow them to push their head through. Any gaps in furniture, balcony or stair railings etc should not be big enough to allow your child’s head to go through. Block any gaps that might fit your child’s head with a solid material like wood or acrylic till they are older.

Cordless household items that could cause strangulation:

  • Cribs
  • Playground equipment
  • Bunk beds
  • Strollers
  • Carriages
  • High chairs

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Do you own an IKEA Smila wall lamp? Have you attached the cord firmly to the wall if your children are under 4? Share your thoughts and stories by leaving a comment– we’d love to hear from you!

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