Toddlers that get drunk during the holidays is a genuine risk

Toddlers that get drunk during the holidays is a genuine risk

We've seen it before, a toddler taking a sip of beer or wine during a celebration, and then acting drunk afterwards. It might seem endearing and cute, or even funny at the time, but there is a real risk when it comes to letting your toddlers drink even just a small amount of alcohol.

It's more common than parents realise

While other parents might not actively make their children drink alcohol during holiday celebrations, in some cases, curious toddlers do pick up glasses of wine or beer that some people leave. They might mistake it for juice or soda, and then start drinking it. The scary part is that it's much more common than parents realise since you won't always pick up signs of being drunk from a toddler.

Dr. Erica Michiels says, "It does not take a lot of alcohol (to get kids drunk). Toddler bodies are not mature enough to process alcohol."

She adds that if a child's blood alcohol levels reach around 0.05, they will start having problems because their livers can't process the alcohol. This can cause them to have low blood sugar which can cause seizures, comas, and possibly death.

The toddler can also become accustomed to the alcohol

Another problem that can arise, especially if parents tolerate or even encourage their kids to drink alcohol, is that the toddler can become accustomed to the alcohol.

A toddler who's used to drinking alcohol can accidentally overdose, especially if you leave them alone and they find their way to a wine bottle or a glass with alcoholic drinks. Usually, toddlers don't like the taste of alcohol, and that prevents them from drinking it. But toddlers who get used to drinking alcohol won't have anything to stop them from drinking large amounts of alcohol.

Most doctors agree, letting your child drink alcohol, at any age, is a bad idea. That's why parents need to always keep an eye on their kids and make sure to keep any alcoholic drinks well away from their children.

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Take care of you and your family's health during the holidays

The holidays are a great time for families and friends to get together and celebrate the good things that happened over the past year. That's why it's very important to make sure that you and your family are healthy and happy so that you can celebrate the holidays to your heart's content!

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Keep your hands clean. It might seem like a minor thing, maybe even an afterthought for most people, but washing your hands is one of the best ways to avoid any diseases. The holidays are a time when you meet a lot of people, and go to parties and celebrations. Keeping your hands clean is a good way to avoid accidentally getting sick through physical contact with a lot of different people.
  2. Don't stay out in the cold for too long. The cold December air might feel good, but it's not always a good idea to stay out for too long. Cold temperatures can cause health problems, that's why you need to make sure to dress you and your kids in warmer clothing if it gets too cold.
  3. RelaxTake some time to just relax at home. The holidays might be a time for revelry, but it doesn't mean that you have to go to every single party that you get invited to. Sometimes just staying in, with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate is all that you need to keep your mind at ease and keep your stress levels low.
  4. Keep safe while travelingFor a lot of families, the holidays are a time to travel to meet up with their relatives and friends. If you're on a long road trip, make sure to not drink and drive, and always buckle up. If you're traveling with younger children, make sure to use a child car seat or a booster seat to keep them secure.
  5. Quit smokingThe holidays are also a time for new beginnings, and it's a good time to quit some of your bad habits. If you're a smoker, you should seriously think about quitting smoking not only for you, but also for your family. Smoking has a lot of negative effects and is a constant danger to you and your family's health.
  6. Always keep an eye on your kidsAlways know where your kids are and what they're doing, especially during parties. You don't want them accidentally drinking other people's alcoholic drinks or going into places that they shouldn't be in. Never leave your child unattended, most especially for younger children.
  7. Practice food safetyA lot of people cook lavish feasts for their families during the holidays. That's why it's important to practice food safety so that you won't get food poisoning. Always wash your hands before cooking, cook meat thoroughly, and use different utensils and chopping boards when handling cooked and uncooked food.
  8. Eat healthier, and have a more active lifestyleTry and make yourself more active during this holiday season. While it's a time when people tend to gain weight because of the partying and celebration, try and mix things up by striving to become healthier and more active.


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