To the Modern Woman: Don't Try This While Pregnant!

To the Modern Woman: Don't Try This While Pregnant!

Pregnant women are bombarded by lists of do’s and don’ts from almost everyone close to them. Most women are well aware of the common activities to avoid such as eating soft cheeses, deli meats and drinking too much alcohol. However, the modern woman has a whole new set of no no’s.

This is an important discussion because we now live in a different world and what was okay yesterday is not necessarily okay today. Here is the modern woman’s list of things to never do while pregnant:

Laser Hair Removal

To the Modern Woman: Don't Try This While Pregnant!

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While waxing can be safe for soon-to-be mommies any other type of procedure involving laser is far too risky. Chemicals can penetrate through the skin which can cause allergic reactions and chemical irritations.

Other hazardous effects are not yet discovered but it is considered forbidden for pregnant women and even for nursing mothers.

Botox Injection

The fact is, there are no hard and true facts about how Botox can harm pregnant women. There is limited data available and studies have yet to be performed on this subject. FDA recommends to consult your physician or plastic surgeon when you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant before getting an injection. It is not known if Botox or Botox Cosmetic can harm your baby.

Beta Hydroxy Acids

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Using skin products to treat your acne? If it contains Salicylic acid, then stop using it. BHA or Beta Hydroxy acid is a form of salicylic acid and is designed to absorb into the skin and act as a chemical exfoliation agent. Check the label of your toner or cleanser, if it contains Salicylic acid, beta hydroxy acid or BHA then avoid it.

Breast Augmentation

In many cases for women who have had breast augmentation surgery, breastfeeding is still doable, but according to some studies, women maybe three times more likely to experience lactation insufficiency. So, any unnecessary surgery is definitely out for pregnant women. Undergoing anaesthesia is always risky and an unborn baby is far too vulnerable to its potential effects.

1st Trimester Massage

To the Modern Woman: Don't Try This While Pregnant!

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A massage is a wonderful treat for a pregnant woman. However, it is best to wait until after the first trimester. After the first trimester, still, be careful of how and where a massage therapist is working. Most spas do NOT allow prenatal massage due to possible liabilities. Choose a certified prenatal practitioner to avoid miscarriage.

Espresso Drinks

It is fine when it is limited to one drink a day. In August 2010, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist published its revised guidelines about drinking coffee and caffeinated beverages. 200 mg of daily intake of caffeine would not increase the risk of miscarriage or pre-term birth. Espresso is far too potent and could increase feelings of anxiety and stress.

Boot Camp Class

The latest fad exercise classes such as Boot Camp and Zumba are completely out of the question. These are far too high impact for a pregnant woman. The concern is for a pregnant woman’s joints and coordination. Both of which are compromised during pregnancy.

Kitty Litter Box Cleaning

To the Modern Woman: Don't Try This While Pregnant!

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Kitty litter contains Toxoplasmosis that can cause severe birth defects in a baby while leaving the mother completely unharmed. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection carried by cats. So, if you have a cat, pay someone to change the litter box if necessary. In any way possible, don’t go near it!

Eating for Two

The old myth that a pregnant woman should eat for two is a thing of the past. The body only requires 200 more calories than normal when pregnant.



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Jasmine Yeo

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